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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Yoga Class Kicked My Butt

I was up bright and early this morning and Nichole and I went to my first Yoga class since getting back on track.  WOW, what I had forgotten.  The class was a yoga/Pilate's combination and I have never done Pilate's before.  I think I will grow to really like it.

I am definitely out of shape and I need to work back up to being able to do some of the positions, but I feel really good that I was able to get through the whole class.  I mean 60 minutes is a long time.  Nichole was a huge help she gave me lots of encouragement.  I cannot believe how hard it is to get down on the floor and get up.  I know I can become better at it.  I do not want to use the excuse that I am 50 anymore.

My instructor talked to me about my fitness, and encouraged me to keep coming, that I will begin to see a change in my body and how it looks.  I really like the feeling of well being that Yoga gives you.  I am sore, I know I will be for awhile.  I will have to make myself go to the next class.

Nichole talked to me today about her and I training to run from Memphis to Peoria for St. Jude.  The runners are returning today and we came across a bunch of them as we were heading back home.  I would love to do this with her.  It would be such an exhilarating accomplishment to be able to run something like that.

I also have a special place in my heart for children with cancer because I lost my own son Adam who was four years old to it in 1988.  I put on the bulk of my weight after his death.

So I am excited about my new class and looking for more way to keep moving.

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MandaPanda said...

My condolences for the loss of your son. I'm sure that's a pain that will never go away. I think a run like that sounds awesome! I did the Susan G Komen 3 Day last year and it was an amazing experience! I'll have to look into something like this.