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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday is my Friday

Today is my Friday!  I am off work til next Tuesday!  Hurray.  I planned this four day weekend to spend some quality time with the boys before they start back to school.  I am just looking forward to it, because I also will have no homework this weekend.  I have a week off until classes resume for fall.

Nichole and I went to ZUMBA again last night.  The instructor was a woman and totally different workout from Jose`.  I like her, but not sure I like her style.  LOL only because she can freakin dance I tell you.  I look like "Holly Hippo" and she looks like J Lo.  What fun it was to do this workout for 60 minutes.  I did not once look at the clock and think OMG how much longer is this gonna be!  

I am having trouble getting in my protein by eating it and not just drinking it. I had this issue when I was first banded as well.  My surgeon would rather I eat it in food, than drink it in a shake.  The thinking behind this is that we should not want to eat things that do not stay in our "pouch" because it will not keep us as full as we need to be and it can cause eating disorders.  Ok, I hear that loud and clear as I did back in the day of old.  But how can you do that when you are tight and with very good restriction.  I can only consume about a cup of food at a time and sometimes depending on the type of food only a half a cup.  Solid protein is one of these types of food.  

This is the type of protein that I drink.  I love it, and it comes in all flavors.  I prefer the Chocolate Splendor and Unflavored variety.  The unflavored is great cause I can sprinkle it on anything that I eat to up the protein in that food or meal.

What some people may not know or realize.  Is that we can only absorb so much protein at one sitting.  That is about 25 grams.  So if you eat more than that you are just wasting it and putting undo strain on the kidneys as the excess is flushed out.  So my remedy has been to add the unflavored protein powder to my meals.  It seems to be working just fine.

I have learned so much about my body and how it works throughout my journey.  Our bodies do not store protein.  We have to eat all of our protein every day that our bodies require.  So I try to remember to eat as much as I can. It can be challenging if you stick to the three meals a day that "bandsters" are suppose to do.  I can go about 3.5 hours without getting hungry and then I must eat.  I usually have protein when I do so that it keeps me until the next meal.

I do notice that I get hungrier at work, and I have no idea why that is.  I can go all morning at home and never feel hungry and not eat!  That I still find weird.  I will say I am doing better at work by staying away from all of the food that surrounds me.  I work in an office of over 100 people, who all want to have potlucks,  fattening lunches and there are foods everywhere that should be bad choices to me.  I find I am not even craving them.  So I am thankful for that.

I am thankful for many things.  My band is my "Best Friend".


MandaPanda said...

I get hungrier at work as well but I think it's head hunger. I'm bored at work. It's not that I don't have plenty to do but I'm just sitting at a desk doing it. It seems I want to munch if I'm just sitting. At home, I'm on the go or chasing my kids or DOING something so I don't eat.

Kristin50 said...

My stomach actually growls LOL I do not have that very often but it seems to be at work where it does.

I am trying to deal with it the best I can. It has not been easy until this last fill. It has gotten a little better.

Stephanie said...

Ver informative about the amount of protein that can be digested at once!! Thanks for letting me know that :)

Kristin50 said...

You are very welcome. :)

DiZneDiVa said...

Hey, I look forward to meeting you at BOOBS 2.0 I look forward to reading up on your posts... *Maria*~DiZneDiVa:Blogger from "This One Time At BAND Camp..." Follow my journey at

Ronnie said...

I just saw that you were planning on going to BOOBs, too cool. :) Can't wait to meet ya.

And I agree with Stephanie... great info!

Kristin50 said...

I am excited about coming and meeting everyone!! I am glad you liked it.