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Thursday, December 6, 2012

I'm Baaaaaccccckkkkkkk!!!!!

Forgive me, for I have sinned.  It has been two months since I last blogged!  I was recently reminded by my beautiful daughter Nichole, that I started my blog for me and no one else.  That I should not let the actions of others keep me from journaling here.

So I have returned!  I will say that I have missed reading and keeping up with each of you.  Some are friends with me on Facebook so I get to see what is happening with you, but for those that I am not, it was nice to read your life happenings here.

You know they say "Heaven is just a SIN away"!  I believe that LOL.  I have been so busy since we last saw each other.  I got back from Chicago, and school descended upon me hard.  I had a ton of homework to wade through and then it was finals and I got "A's" in both of my classes I was excited about that.   I had a birthday since we last spoke.  Yes I am now 51 years young!!  I truly feel blessed to be able to say that.  I feel better this year than I have in forever.

 Then it was time to prepare for Thanksgiving.  We had a great Thanksgiving feast, Nichole and I cooked and the boys were with their dad.  It was a quiet few days but it was still wonderful to be with my family. 

Adam and Cole are doing great in school.  Cole is starting to talk more and more.  We are so proud of him.  He also peed on the potty this week for the very first time. It was a huge deal.  He is 6 and trust me it is so time for him to be potty trained.  Being non verbal for so long was hard to figure out if he knew what he was suppose to do.  I believe he knows and just was holding out, as it was something he could control.
Gramms with Adam and Cole Halloween!

As far as my weight, I am standing still.  I have not moved in two months.  So I obviously need to step up the workouts and really pay closer attention to my calories.  I am thrilled I have not gained though.  That is the best news for me.  I just want to get the last 50 pounds gone damnit!

It is good to be back and I look forward to posting more!

FYI:  Nichole has lost 70+ pounds I am so proud of her!

Nichole with boys on Halloween

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

BOOBS 3.0 is history....but the memories last forever!

I am back at work today after my long hiatus with my BOOBS in Chicago!  

I will give you a recap of my weekend in bullet style.

Last Wednesday I left work at noon to get things done since I had not even begun to pack, as it turned out, I still had not packed at 10:00pm.  School came first here, I had two quizes to take before I left.  Alan helped me pack, he kept telling me you are taking too much stuff.  Sigh...sadly he would be right.

Thursday morning 4:00am it is time to climb out of bed and shower and drive the 45 minutes to Bloomington and the train.  Nichole and I were so excited to spend this time together, especially right before her birthday.

The train was on time, and we got to experience the brand new train station in Bloomington, it was nice.  We boarded and enjoyed the 2.5 hour ride to the Windy City.  The weather was perfect.

We checked into the hotel and left to go meet one of Nichole's old high school friends who lives near the city for lunch.  That was great.  We made plans with her to meet back up with us that night for our night with the BOOBS girls at the Blue Frog!

We shopped and met for the informal meet and greet at 4pm!  It was great seeing old faces and meeting new ones.  We had a great time that night with Beth and I loved getting to know her better.  We left for the Blue Frog where singing and drinking took over.  I got a tad we bit drunk, but it was all good, I was able to walk back to the hotel just fine.  LOL  My roomie Jen arrived at the Blue Frog with her best friend Shannon who is newly engaged and it was fantastic getting to meet her.  She is the genuine deal ladies, love her and am glad she is part of my life now.

Friday more shopping, and time spent getting ready for our room crawl!  We hosted, and our drink was pretty stiff.  Clara loved it so much she called me on the phone, and asked if there was still some left!!!!!  Love you dear, so good to meet you finally.  I love your blog.  

Saturday was more shopping and meeting up with Neal and going to Navy Pier.  That was a fun time.  Nichole and really did not eat that much in Chicago.  We did venture out and find Sprinkles and we did partake, but we also shared them.  LOL  If you make it Chicago, you have to try Sprinkles cupcakes.

Saturday night we got all dressed up and went to eat.  Sadly, Nichole got sick, just as she sat down with her plate from the salad bar, and she had to excuse herself and head back to the room.  Within 25 minutes I too was not feeling well, and I headed back to the room.  Not sure if it was food, or alcohol or a combination of both.  I know for certain that I drank more those three days than I have in three years.  LOL

It was really nice to get to see everyone!  You are all very special and unique individuals.  I know without your support this past year, I may very well not have made it as far as I have.
Everyone who knows me, thinks it is awesome that I have you in my life and that we all get together each year.

With that, I will say thank you to all of the  planners for putting this weekend together.  The hotel is awesome and I know you put a lot of work into this weekend.  Trust me it does not go unnoticed and certainly not unappreciated.

Sunday it was time to head home, and this is when I realized that I had taken way too much, when I had to fit in what I had purchased.  LOL  So a trip to Marshalls and another suitecase later and all was saved.  Hint for next trip pack lighter.

Well back to the real world sadly, must get back to work, and plan my workouts for the week.  I have been roped into running a 5k in Naperville on the 27th.  Body pump and Zumba here I come!

Monday, September 24, 2012


I know it has been awhile since my last blog post, I confess totally unacceptable.  

Life has me rushing from here to yonder.  

Only three more SLEEPS and BOOBS 3.o will be here!  WOW, how time as flown this year.

I have to tell you Nichole and I are so looking forward to this trip!  Just being in the city is magical!  Having time spent with you ladies will make it even better.

I wanted to update everyone on the weather.  Since some of you are coming from the warmer parts of our country including my roomie!

For those of you coming in on Thursday:

thuSep 27

Partly Cloudy
Partly Cloudy
NE at 7 mph

and for those traveling on Friday:

FriSep 28

Partly Cloudy
Partly Cloudy
NE at 10 mph

The weekend will be similar in temps and chance of rain!

So please plan for cool weather.  In Chicago the wind can get the best of you coming off of the Lake.  We are not that far from it, and all the walking you will be doing, it could get quite chilly for some.

No matter what you decided to do or see in Chicago there are some terrific things and you cannot go wrong with any of them.

Nichole and I will be venturing out to Indigo Dance studio for ZUMBA on Saturday morning at 9am.  The cost is $18 for the drop in class.  If you want to come please join us in the lobby at 8am.

I am so looking forward to seeing everyone and having a great time!

I am certain that the planners have done a smashing job once again this year!  I thank them one and all from the bottom of my heart for taking time to put this all together for us!

See you soon!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Can you Cheat on your "DIET"? The Age Old ?

Thanks for welcoming me back, I know it has been far too long.  LOL

"Cheating" is the act of being dishonest or deceiving others.  This word conjures up all sorts of images, cheating on a math quiz, fudging your taxes, counting cards.  Needless to say, it does not breed positive thoughts.  So I asked myself does, the same negative connotation with this word apply when I use it in regards to my eating.

Can cheating on your healthful choices when it comes to food be beneficial in the long run or even better-----fun?  Or is it simply setting the stage for failure.

I think most ask this question out of desperation.  They become exhausted from counting calories day in and day out.    I hear people often say "I want a cheat day once a week, where I can eating anything that I want without worrying about counting calories!"  But will this cheat day hurt my efforts in losing weight?  In other examples some eat so "clean" that it is difficult to maintain it day in and day out.  They feel they need this cheat day to maintain or keep them accountable to their strict "diet" days.

I think everyone of us would agree, that even though it has been documented to help us lose weight, that counting calories is a big pain in the butt.  You have to read labels, measure portions, and keep track of so many details that food selection is constantly on your mind.  Focusing so much on calories makes it easy to get into the trap of "good food" versus "bad food".  You eat the good stuff so much that you fall off the wagon and over indulge on the bad stuff because you felt deprived.  Our vocabularies and thoughts are consumed with the extremes:  good foods vs bad foods, cheating vs being good, restricting vs over indulging.  It is pretty easy to see why you would want to cheat with a system like this.  But is cheating really the answer?

Scientifically speaking, cheating has not been studied enough to glean any clear cut answers on whether or not it works or not when trying to lose weight.  However, the science of calories in vs calories out, and the psychological implications of counting calories and cutting them has been studied extensively.  So let's explore what we do know and apply it to the idea of "Cheat Days."

Calories in vs. calories out is called the "golden rule of effective weight loss."  To lose weight we must burn more calories than we consume.  This seems so simple to me, but we all know it is not.  Let's assume that you are cutting a total of 3,500 calories over the course of a week to lose one pound.  Since one pound is equivalent to 3500 calories approximately.  In this example your daily calorie intake would be 1,200 - 1,500 calories.  Say you choose to eat right in the middle of your recommended range: 1,350 calories per day.  How would an innocent cheat day effect your efforts?

  • Scenario #1 - On your cheat day, you indulge in a few extra sweets or treats and take in 2,500 calories total.  This brings your daily average to 1,514, which is still within your weight loss range.  Therefore you should still lose weight for the week.
  • Scenario #2 - On your cheat day you eat anything and everything that you have been craving - a fast food meal, potato chips, a milk shake and some buttery popcorn.  You take in 4,000 calories.  This brings your daily average to 1,729, which is over your weight loss calorie range.  Therefore you will probably maintain your current weight for the week.

This simple example exhibits how a cheat day can derail your weight loss effort.  If you eat with reckless abandon with no real plan, or calorie counting, as in scenario #2, you will stall your weight loss.  But scenario #1 shows how an occasional higher calorie day can can still fit into a weight loss plan when it is properly planned and somewhat controlled.  Planning for that little indulgence on occasion is easier than you might think.  It uses the weight loss technique of calorie banking. 

This works similarly as you checking account or debit card.  If you plan to go to dinner and a movie on Sat, then you must conserve your funds during the week, so you will have enough in the bank to cover your outing on the weekend.  Same goes for your calories.  By eating at the lower end of your calorie range through the week you have a few more calories to spend on your night out on the town.  This still requires planning on your part.  This works because a single day of higher or lower calories will not break your weight loss  efforts.  It is the overall trend of weekly average of calories that effects changes in your body.

I have found something better than cheating:  I have begun to embrace all foods, and not look at any as off limits.  

If you feel the desire to "cheat on your diet" it may not be your fault.  The "diet" or your view of how you "should" or need to eat to lose weight or be healthier is the real culprit.  If you are being so restrictive, plain, boring, tedious, or perfect that you cannot stick with it forever, then you should try one of these ideas to help bring your eating habits back to normal:

Embrace all foods - remember not one food or food group causes weight gain.  Weight is based on total calorie intake, not the restriction of certain foods, ingredients or food groups.  All foods can fit into a healthy eating plan.  We need to change our food language.  Instead of thinking of good or bad food try this:

This food has a lot of calories, do I really want it right now?  If the answer is yes, then follow it with "I will have it in moderation!!"

Instead of saying "I cheated" try saying "I ate more than I intended to, but that happens to everyone once in a while and I refuse to beat myself up over it!"

Instead of saying "I was bad" try saying "I ate more calories than I intended, but I am in control now!"

Slowly incorporate those bad foods into your eating plan.  Start with small portions, never eat anything out of the bag.  Use a bowl or cup.  Make your snack last 15 minutes, and your meals at least 30.  Make the food special by placing it on a plate and using utensils.  Limit distractions, do not watch TV or use your computer.

Enjoy your "off limits" foods in the company of others.  This can often help you keep from over indulging as you might do if alone.  When you are out with companions order what you want not what you "should" have.  Savor every bite and eat slowly.  Stop eating when you feel the first signs of being full. Do not listen to your mom and "Clean your plate!"

I have a dear friend who quit smoking after 30 years, and I ran into him recently.  I said Steve I hear you quit smoking, and he sternly looked at me and replied.  "I did not quite smoking, as I am not a quitter.  I simply chose not to smoke!"

What a powerful statement, that you can apply to your weight loss journey.  You are not a "quitter" or a "cheater"!  If you are feeling the desire to cheat, I strongly recommend that you examine your relationship with food, and whether you are actually taking steps to leave dieting behind forever, in favor of adopting a healthful eating plan that you can live with for life.   To ditch the "diet mentality" can greatly reduce your stress, anxiety and obsession you have with food.  This can help you avoid out of control binges that derail your weight loss efforts.

BOOBS 3.0 in 22 days I am so excited!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

School has gets tougher!

Ok, no excuses I have just let life's curve balls get in the way of blogging.  

I have been quite busy this month, work is always a challenge and my 10 hour days still do not afford me enough time to get things done.  I am sadly a perfectionist, and I hate having work left at the end of the day.  Stress, yes and caused by me.

I began school this past week.  I am hopeful to be done with my associates by the end of May and at the latest the end of summer.

I love learning, but it is so hard with all the other responsibilites in my life right now.  I am still working out, and going to Zumba, doing body pump (which I love) and running.  I will tell you, that I have not seen the scale move much in the past month, I am not letting it side track my goal.

I am just even more resolved than ever to keep focused.  I have not been as good this past week getting in my water.  Why is it, that water is always the first thing to get forgotten when busy.  I do really well when tied to my desk at work, but once freed oh wow, do I fail.

Mental note, drink more water.  I wanted to share with you Dr OZ's prescription to restart your metabolism.  I have been doing it for three days, and I pee like a banchee!  

80z of tomato juice (NOT V8)
1.5 tsp of horseradish
dash of hot sauce

I drink this each morning after getting up, and it really is helping, I can tell.

I also drink water with real lemon juice in it.  Did you all know that lemon helps our bodies rid themselves of excess salt?  Yeap, the lemon juice gives the salt a vehicle to jump on and exit the body.  Try it and you will see the effects and how it works for yourself.

I am excited that I was the BOOB of the day on Friday!  That was so cool and everyone made me cry.  To read what others think of me here is heart warming.  I never imagine that I would have that kind of effect when I began blogging, I am certainly glad I have.

I am so excited as is Nichole about BOOBS 3.0.  It is one month away and I cannot wait.  I know it will go by fast, but the time spent with all of you will be priceless!
I love you all and look forward to meeting the newbies!

Monday, August 13, 2012

What I used to only imagine, I am now living

Ok, I know I have not been the best blogger of late, but working out 6 days a week and getting ready to go back to school, has really zapped me.

I also, feel like my journey is entering a new phase.  The whole theme of my journey seems to be centered around YOU CAN and taking baby steps on a path to self discovery.  A path where I am learning that the only limits that I have are the ones I allow myself to be fettered with.  I look back and reflect on my past and I can plainly see my self confidence and self image die a slow and painful death.  When you become morbidly obese, the walls of your world close in around you slowly until your comfort zone becomes a straight jacket.

I never viewed any challenge as an opportunity for growth, it was always viewed as another opening for all the world to see my ineptness and to suffer embarrassment.  That is the one thing that makes morbid obesity such a killer.  We all know what it does to our health, but obesity is a destroyer of the soul.  This is so much more than merely shedding pounds, it is about reclaiming my life.

This is where I feel that running and Zumba and Body Pump have brought so much healing to my life.  It is far more than simply a redundant process to be endured for the sake of burning a few extra calories in the same sense that one endures the side effects of some medication for the sake of getting well.  Once the desired effect is reached the routine ends. 

Before, I used to just imagine what it would be like to have self confidence and passion, now I am living the dream every day.

Yes Kristin, you can.

I know longer need the permission or approval of others to finally live my life.  Each time I honor a commitment to myself to exercise, when I do not feel like it, or work through a problem and see it through, something inside grows stronger and stronger.  When you begin to climb the smaller mountains the bigger ones do not seem so intimidating.  It takes the same skills.  After awhile one rock looks just like another, except that there are more of them piled up.......I just have to climb a little longer that is all.

One thing that I have learned on this journey is that consistent effort in never unrewarded.  My dreams are not so far fetched anymore.  No bravado, just a deep settled confidence that tells to me to keep climbing.

What a sense of peace this has brought to my life.


The skirt in this picture I have not had on in 10 years!  It is a wrap around skirt with two buttons.  I still think my hips look huge, but my legs are melting away.

Kristin 8-12-12
I still find that I am not comfortable with pictures of myself, I hope that this will go away at some point in time.  Seeing my body change however, is the best NSV in the world.  I am stronger, and healthier than I have ever been in my adult life.

So again I say, "NEVER EVER GIVE UP!"

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Perfect Pico de Gallo

.Ok I know, I have not been blogging and that is just not acceptable. I have been reading though, and I am not sure if my comment problem with blogger has been fixed or not.  Time will tell I suppose.   I have been very busy however, I have so much to get done before school begins for the fall.  My classes start on August 21st. I cannot believe that is two weeks away.  My summer went so fast.  The boys are getting ready to head back as well.  Cole will be in Kindergarten and it is going to be hell for a few weeks I believe.

I am so excited for BOOBS 3.0!  Nichole and I both are.  We look forward to seeing some old faces and meeting some new ones.

It will be a blast.

Ok as promised.  If you are like me Mexican food is my ultimate favorite quisine.  A great mexican meal is not complete without Pico de gallo.  However, I have had some really bad, salty stuff, and I have a great recipe for the perfect batch.  I thought I would share it with you all.

I know some of you may be tempted to buy some that almost fresh looking stuff in the container at the grocery store.....but stop......seriously just try making this at home.  A few fresh ingredients and a little chopping and OLE!  You will have some of the best tasting Mexican Pico de gallo north of the border.

This is one of those loose recipes where the quantities are merely a suggestion than hard and fast rules.  Here are in my opinion the key ingredients for making a KILLER pico de gallo.

1.  Start with fresh vine ripe tomatoes, the fresher the better.  Please do not use ones that you have stored in the refrigerator or bought last week.

2.  Use fresh lime juice.  A lot of recipes skip this and it is just plain wrong.

3.  Use a fresh chilli, like a jalapeno ( my favorite) or if you prefer more heat, perhaps a serrano or habanero.

4.  Don't be shy when adding your salt and pepper.

Perfect Pico de Gallo


2 large tomatoes chopped
1/2 large white onion, chopped
2 large cloves of garlic, minced
1 jalapeno seeded, and very finely chopped
1 small bunch of cilantro, chopped finely
1/4 tsp of cumin
1-2 tablespoons of fresh lime juice
salt and pepper to taste


Mix all ingredients together.  Refrigerate at least one hour for all flavors to mingle.  Check seasoning and add more lime juice, salt or pepper if needed.

Now wasn't that easy?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Your Comments Not Coming To My Email

Hey everyone, thank you to all who have posted on my Anniversary post!

Your comments did not get to my email and so I cannot comment.  I do not know what is going on with blogger right now, I just wanted you to know I appreciate you all.

I will try to figure out, why this just suddenly happened.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

One Year Anniversary of my Blog!

So today is the one year anniversary of my blog!  I cannot believe it has been one year since I began writing this blog.  So much has happened in my life with my band since then.

Some wonderful, some heart breaking, but the most important thing, is I have never given up!  I have kept moving along and am working to get to that place where my health is not just good but is great!

I have done some amazing work this past year.  I have also done it with Nichole which has made it that much more special, she has worked hard and has lost 70 pounds with out a band or surgery!

What have I might wonder, to have this type of success.  I have revamped my reward system and concentrated on making good decisions, and logging my food choices each and every day.  I still live by my band rules.  I also have incorporated exercise 6 times a week into my life.

I lost my band in March of this year.  I was devastated and scared when this took place. I had fear and anxiety that was just awful.  I know many who have lost their bands now or are probably headed down that road as well.

I think the biggest thing I have learned through all of this, is that the band is not what makes us successful, and it is proven itself for me to be true.  I have continued to lose even without the band, and I contribute that to my resolve.

I made a point to heal what was wrong with me in my head!!  Please hear that, I fixed what was wrong in my head, that made me choose food as a reward, and use it as a comfort. I no longer do this. I have realized that years of eating like a garbage disposal just made me horribly sick.  Obesity is a disease, and it is something that we as a country and world need to really focus on.  We are raising children with these bad habits and eating disorders and now our children are obese.

I am proud to say that my almost 9 year old grandson is now conscious about what he puts into his mouth, and he chooses water over soda.  Watching his mother and I this past year is rubbing off.  He asks to go walking with me, or running even. He can walk 5.25 miles with ease.

I am not the same woman who found this blogging community a year ago.  I was a beaten down, and feeling as a total failure a year ago, because of me regain!

Finding all of you, turned my life around.  I found support, friendship, and most of all inspiration.  I found that others were struggling as well, and that together we could achieve our goals.

I made a point of getting to BOOBS 2.0 and it was the best time  and I felt so welcomed by these women.  I love them.  I feel a part of their lives and they a part of mine.

I look forward to the next year and what it hold for me.  I no longer have a time frame for when I must be a certain weight.  I know that doing this only puts undo pressure on myself.  I just plan on eating right and exercising regularly and letting my body find it balance and normal.

Yes, I am still a scale whore, once a scale whore always a scale whore for me  LOL.  I am happy to see each day what my body does or does not do.  The days that the water weight creeps on, can still be maddening, I just am better equipped now to handle those days.

I look forward to BOOBS 3.0 and to the next chapter in this journey!

I am thankful for the 86 people who chose to follow me and this blog and journey, who take time to comment on my craziness and to give me encouragement along the way.  You make my blog worth so much more.

Love you all,

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Crazy busy....but working out and doing well!

I have been crazy busy with work, and working out and my family life, but I am doing well.  I cannot say the same for Nichole, Adam and Cole however.

They all three have been sick with a throat virus since last Tuesday and still are sick.  It is awful.  They said it can last up to two weeks.  Ugggghhhh I just want them all well again.

I cannot believe that in three days my blog will be a year old! That just seems crazy to me.  How time flies I guess.

I do not know where I thought I would be at this point, but I am thrilled with how I am feeling and even though I still have weight to lose, I am moving in the right direction.

I am still going to Body Pump three times a week, and Zumba three times a week, I have stopped running as it is too hot to run outside right now, and my schedule does not allow me to run early in the am or later at night.  So for now it is on the back burner damnit!

I am excited about the BOOBS 3.0 coming up and I am working hard to look my best  LOL!  Things are nuts in my life and I do not mean to be absent, just know that I am reading and I will try to blog more.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Absent and bruised!

I have been absent, I cannot believe it, I have been here reading, just not writing.  Wow, me, Kristin the woman never without something to say....LOL

I am going to recap the past week bullet style.

So I am into Body Pump big time and I now have two weeks and six classes under my muscles  LOL  It is hard shit, but I am loving it, I feel myself getting stronger every day.

Thursday was my day off, so the plan, take the boys swimming.  It is great exercise and it wears them out, and I get to spend quality time with both of them.  That morning was great, until I stopped at the DMV to renew Alan's car sticker and his Harley  Coming back outside, my unstable self, stepped in a hole in the asphalt in the parking lot that I did not see, wearing flip flops.  Well you can imagine, this 200+ pound woman going down like a bull in a china shop.  I was wearing my swim suit and cover up, so not much.  I had a lot of skin showing to get road rash on,  needless to say my left knee and lower shin, took the brunt of the beating.  I also broke a prong on my engagement ring damnit and my diamond cut my hand pretty darn good.  I was sore and embarrassed.

It swelled like you would not believe, my whole leg did. 

It is healing, but it hurts like hell, and I cannot do my push ups or mountain climbers in Body Pump damnit!

Saturday took Adam to see Ice Age and it was so good.  What a cute story and funny movie.  I love those characters so much!  It was a great day!  Nichole went to Chicago with a friend and we kept the boys.

Sunday I had lunch with a girlfriend who used to work with me.  It was nice seeing her and catching up.  We went to my favorite resturaunt, Los Jimidaores.  Yummy, Yummy in my tummy.  LOL  Then Alan and I took the boys swimming.  It was the first time this summer he has been in the water with the boys.  It was great seeing them interact.  Alan used to teach swimming, he is an awesome swimmer.  Being 6'5" he is tall and thin and glides through the water much like Michael Phelps, and I know he would laugh if he knew I wrote that.

Yesterday was a very busy day for me at work, and I was unable to make it to ZUMBA because when I got home Alan was sick, and so I chose to stay home with the boys so he could go to bed.

I will definitely go to Body Pump tonight, and I am happy to report, that I put on a skirt that I have not worn since 2005 maybe!  It is one of my favorites, and I was pumped when I put it on!

I have had quite a few of those NSV's lately with clothes. I can tell my body is reshaping, even though the scale seems to be just sitting there at the moment.  I am not worried at all, I can feel and see the difference.

I have been reading all of your blogs, and I will do better I promise you.  BOOBS is coming and I am thrilled so thrilled I cannot wait to see you all!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

BOOBS in 73 days!!!!! WOO HOO

I am so freaking excited that the planners are actually talking about BOOBS, because it has been on my mind.  So the first Challenge has been launched by Jen and Draz.  Go check it out, it begins today  BOOBS or BUST Challenge.

So, two Body Pump classes are now under my belt, and I will add a third this evening.  I have to tell you how strong I already feel.  YES, after just two classes I can tell a difference in my strength.  Isn't that incredible.  Who would have ever known. Yes, soreness is a part of it, but that is a good thing, because my muscles are working!  This means my metabolism is working and not dragging like a hog through a mud trough!  I love that I am pumping iron, I would never have believed that I would be able to clean and jerk anything.  Let alone do it for an hour. I am super proud of me!  I love getting healthy have I told you that lately?

I wanted to give you a quick update on Nichole, I am so freaking proud of her.  She is the incredible shrinking woman, no lie.  She has gone from 329 pounds in August of 2011 and today she is 274.8 pounds. Nichole is 5 feet 10.5 inches, so she is a tall woman, she looks fabulous!  She has done all the work, she is not banded.  She has changed her life, and in doing so her body is reshaping itself.  I love her zest for life right now it is infectious.  Her choices are fantastic, she gave up soda, she leaves the junk food alone, and even though on occasion will indulge with a glass of wine, or mixed drink, or piece of cake or pie, she is happy to eat clean in fact she will tell you she craves it!  I like how this happens to our bodies when we rid them of the crap!

I recall late last summer in the pool one workout day with her, and we were talking about my band.  I told her I wanted her to check into getting it.  I have to say I am so proud of her for proving to herself that she had what it took inside of her to follow the road to being more healthful.  She used to tell me that she could not run, well she is.  We are both signed up to do our first 5k in Chicago 10 days before BOOBS! She is also coming to BOOBS with me, so you all will get to meet her!

So for the nay Sayer's, and the people who say "I can't do that", or  "that doesn't work for me", or "how did you do it"!  The only way I see that weight becomes a non issue in your life after a lifelong battle with it, is to not give it control any longer.

If you are wondering how to do this.....well you have to incorporate not only clean living and eating, but you have to become more active than you ever have in your life.  Instead of coming home exhausted from work, I now come home and head to the gym, or outside to run or walk, or play with the boys.  It is so rare to find me sitting anymore.  I no longer have excuses for NOT doing it!  That is just plain and excuse!  If someone is not dying or dead already, I will no longer let it take precedence over my working out.

So I welcome the challenge for BOOBS 3.0 with both arms open wide.  I love to challenge myself, and this is a huge one.  

I am getting closer to my goal each and every day, and more importantly, I feel like a million bucks!  Yep, I am still 38 pounds away from my original goal, and yet I am thrilled to be where I am.  This morning I put on a size XL skirt that is an A-Line.  I have had this skirt for years, I love it!  I have not had it on my body in 10 years!  I kept my clothes that I loved, because one day I hoped to wear them again, this skirt is black, so it never goes out of style.  I feel amazing today!

It does not matter how quickly you finish, it matters that YOU FINISH!!  Never give up the fight!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July is gone....was hotter than a 2 peckered goat!

Yes the holiday is passed, and I am down another 2 pounds this morning.  Can you say holy damn!!!!  I am thrilled.

I have to tell you of my new found fun!!  BODY PUMP....oh yeah!  I am loving it...although I cuss Joe the instructor up one side and down another, like a sailor in May!

Nichole and I went to our first class yesterday morning at 7:00am.  First of all, do you know that even a year ago, I would never have wanted to go pump weights.  I would have rather have been flogged.

I have to say, it is not as horrible as you imagine.  I liked it a lot and I will be doing it at least a couple of times a week.

I am so sore this morning, but it is a good kind of sore ya know.  I thought I would die doing the squats, in fact I thought I had....LOL!

I felt muscles I did not know we even had on our bodies.  I think mine were in hibernation for the past 40 years or so.

I look forward to the changes that will be coming with this new class, and how my body will like me pumping it up!

It was a quiet 4th at my house.  The boys gone and it was 100+ degrees outside, left me with not much desire to be outside, I thought about heading to the pool and even that did not sound like so much fun.

So I stayed in, and just did odd jobs around the house.  Went to bed early and headed into work this morning at 5am.

Looking forward to my next Body Pump class!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"They Always Ask" that on your diet?"

I am sure you all have been asked this burning question at some point along the way.  Perhaps it was a family member, co-worker or friend.  "Is that on your diet?"

I am on a life journey.  On this journey I have to carefully plan my caloric intake and exercise to maintain my momentum.  While I try to make my calories consumed count by eating (lean proteins, fresh vegetables, whole grains, and low fat dairy products and of course fruits) I know that I must spend some of my calorie budget on a treat now and again so that I do not feel deprived while I am learning to live my plan.  You see I build my treat into my calories.  If I eat a 150 calorie ice cream bar, it is because I have allotted for it in my daily food plan.  This is why logging food is so effective, when you know exactly how much you are consuming, you know how much you can give for a treat or not.

There is nothing more frustrating than to have carefully calculated my calories to allow for a special food or even a meal, and then have someone ask "Is that on your diet?"  First, I am NOT on a diet. Second, yes I have planned for this food.

Now some people are truly trying to help.  They think you are  "blowing your plan" which might be true if I just ordered the large Georgia Mud Fudge blizzard at Dairy Queen for 1450 calories, but it might not be true if I ordered the kid size cone at McDonalds for 45 calories.

So how do you deal with these "helpers"?  I suggest that you tell them that you plan your food budget and live within it including the food that you are now currently enjoying.  Use the opportunity to educate.

Yes, I have lost 160+ pounds.  Have I eaten a steady diet of broccoli and watercress?  NO.  I have had a well-balanced approach to my nutrition.  I make the MAJORITY of my calories be high quality, nutrient dense foods, but I have had treats.  I eat out every week.  This is how you succeed in changing from a DIET mentality to LIFESTYLE CHANGE.  You have to learn to live on a BUDGET.  Just like we do with our finances.  If you want that high calorie meal with friends at the end of the week, then you better work it off in the GYM before hand, and watch the other calories during the week. Every time I eat ice cream, my scale sees a drop the next morning.  This has been the truth for the past five years.  Why?  I think when you are limiting your foods to healthy the majority of the time that a fat laden meal or treat causes our bodies to let go of fat.  It is the only way that I can explain why that happens for me.

So next time someone sees you eating the Hershey Almond chocolate bar (210 Calories) and thinks that you have fallen of the wagon don't get upset, just explain to them about your "plan".  They most likely will be impressed on how you have learned how to include those occasional treats and still managed to lose weight.

Life's lessons!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

A week flew by

I cannot believe it has been a week since I posted on my blog.  I was pretty sick last week with the stomach flu for four days. I missed work, and did not go back until Friday.  

My desk was a nightmare!  I had a mile high stack of work that was waiting for me.

I was really glad it was one day, and I got a reprieve for the weekend.  

Yesterday Nichole graduated from College, and it was an amazing ceremony.  I really enjoyed the speaker and the message.  So proud of her, and the boys with her, seeing her was so special and I cried, and cried. I will post pictures later.

Neal sat next to me and he rubbed my shoulders.  What a great guy he is and best friend to her.

I had the most amazing NSV yesterday morning as I was getting ready to head to the Conference Center.  I could not decide on the dress I wanted to wear.  I looked through my closet and kept saying No, No.....till my hands were on my little Size M dress that I had bought last August as my GOAL dress.  I loved it and I wanted to one day be able to wear it.

Well I decided to put it on, and it slipped right on and actually fit.  Alan said I looked very nice, Nichole was already gone so I could not get her opinion.  She is always so honest with me about such things.  Alan is too.  So I felt confident in my dress.
It made the whole day worth it.  I know I have come a long way, but that was just icing on my cake.

Beth Ann my goddaughter's birthday was Friday.  We had made plans months ago to do dinner, and go see Magic Mike. She was so excited and we have known since almost day one of production that this movie was coming out.  Nichole, she and I love the men in this movie.  So it was only right we go and pay homage.  We had dinner, and wet to the Theater only to find all shows sold out, so we left and went to the other Theater in town and yeap SOLD OUT!  We bought tickets for the matinee showing yesterday afternoon, after graduation.

I have to tell you the eye candy was awesome, but the movie sucked!  It was sooo slow, I ended up texting during it.  I never do that!!!!  So ladies beware if you haven't seen it. I could have waited for DVD for this one.

So that was my week.  I am down 5 pounds this week.  I will take that any day.  I did not work out once, being sick kept me from it.  Back to ZUMBA tomorrow night with Jose~ it will kick my ass.

I have signed up to do my first 5k in Chicago a week and a half before BOOBS!  It is for Make A Wish and that is a huge charity close to my heart because of Adam.  I have to get my ass in gear and start training for it.