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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

BOOBS 3.0 is history....but the memories last forever!

I am back at work today after my long hiatus with my BOOBS in Chicago!  

I will give you a recap of my weekend in bullet style.

Last Wednesday I left work at noon to get things done since I had not even begun to pack, as it turned out, I still had not packed at 10:00pm.  School came first here, I had two quizes to take before I left.  Alan helped me pack, he kept telling me you are taking too much stuff.  Sigh...sadly he would be right.

Thursday morning 4:00am it is time to climb out of bed and shower and drive the 45 minutes to Bloomington and the train.  Nichole and I were so excited to spend this time together, especially right before her birthday.

The train was on time, and we got to experience the brand new train station in Bloomington, it was nice.  We boarded and enjoyed the 2.5 hour ride to the Windy City.  The weather was perfect.

We checked into the hotel and left to go meet one of Nichole's old high school friends who lives near the city for lunch.  That was great.  We made plans with her to meet back up with us that night for our night with the BOOBS girls at the Blue Frog!

We shopped and met for the informal meet and greet at 4pm!  It was great seeing old faces and meeting new ones.  We had a great time that night with Beth and I loved getting to know her better.  We left for the Blue Frog where singing and drinking took over.  I got a tad we bit drunk, but it was all good, I was able to walk back to the hotel just fine.  LOL  My roomie Jen arrived at the Blue Frog with her best friend Shannon who is newly engaged and it was fantastic getting to meet her.  She is the genuine deal ladies, love her and am glad she is part of my life now.

Friday more shopping, and time spent getting ready for our room crawl!  We hosted, and our drink was pretty stiff.  Clara loved it so much she called me on the phone, and asked if there was still some left!!!!!  Love you dear, so good to meet you finally.  I love your blog.  

Saturday was more shopping and meeting up with Neal and going to Navy Pier.  That was a fun time.  Nichole and really did not eat that much in Chicago.  We did venture out and find Sprinkles and we did partake, but we also shared them.  LOL  If you make it Chicago, you have to try Sprinkles cupcakes.

Saturday night we got all dressed up and went to eat.  Sadly, Nichole got sick, just as she sat down with her plate from the salad bar, and she had to excuse herself and head back to the room.  Within 25 minutes I too was not feeling well, and I headed back to the room.  Not sure if it was food, or alcohol or a combination of both.  I know for certain that I drank more those three days than I have in three years.  LOL

It was really nice to get to see everyone!  You are all very special and unique individuals.  I know without your support this past year, I may very well not have made it as far as I have.
Everyone who knows me, thinks it is awesome that I have you in my life and that we all get together each year.

With that, I will say thank you to all of the  planners for putting this weekend together.  The hotel is awesome and I know you put a lot of work into this weekend.  Trust me it does not go unnoticed and certainly not unappreciated.

Sunday it was time to head home, and this is when I realized that I had taken way too much, when I had to fit in what I had purchased.  LOL  So a trip to Marshalls and another suitecase later and all was saved.  Hint for next trip pack lighter.

Well back to the real world sadly, must get back to work, and plan my workouts for the week.  I have been roped into running a 5k in Naperville on the 27th.  Body pump and Zumba here I come!