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LilySlim Weight loss tickers

Monday, August 8, 2011

Two More Gone

Well my hard work in the gym paid off today.  I got up this morning and two more pounds are history.  I plan on never seeing that number on my scale again.  It feels good to know that the changes that I am making in my eating are really working to change my body.

I know how discouraging it can be to lose weight.  I have done this so many times before.  But wait....this is not a diet.....this is a new way of living.  It is an opportunity to change my life forever for the good.  That is why I had the band to remind me each and every time I get the desire to over eat.  I still must make conscious choices about what goes in.  This is not always easy.  I do not want anyone reading this to think this is easy.  It is NOT!  It is very hard work.  Determination, desire, and the want has to be strong.  You have to find other things besides food to turn to when life's struggles come knocking.  And trust me they will.

I know from past experience that setting goals is a good thing.  That you must have them to feel successful so that you do not give up. 

This time when I feel like giving up,  I am going to remind myself of Adam who never gave up. He loved this book as well and he always was fighting.  He would tell people who asked him how he was doing....."I am fighting my cancer".  He is my role model for how I need to look at a fight for your life.  Losing my fat is just that a fight for my life.  The course that I was on before was leading me straight to an early grave, as well as being unhappy with myself.

I am thrilled that today I have lost another 2 pounds. It really does feel good. SO as of today I have lost 40 pounds since I was banded.  What does that look like.  Well here are a couple of examples:

40 pound fish
Concrete Bag
World's Fattest Cat at 40.9 pounds
Onward and downward I go.

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