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Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend Warrior

It was a wild weekend at my house.  Nichole and I did school shopping with Adam and Cole.  They both start back today.  We had to go to three stores to find uniform pants for Adam.  We finally were successful at Sears.  I am so glad that is done.  

Alan and Nichole and I went to Yoga at the Riverplex at 7:45 Saturday morning.  I must admit that I am so stinking sore I can not tell you, we had a different instructor for this class and it was strictly yoga not Pilate's mixed in and it was butt kicking.  Well at least for me, I found muscles I know that must  have been unused for well over 40 years.

I am happy to report that Nichole is down 10 pounds.  I am so proud of her sticking with her eating healthy and working out.  I just know that she and I will reach our goals together.  It is fun working out together, mother and daughter.  We are so close, like my mom and me.  

Mom went home last night after spending the week with me.  She was ready to get back to her own house.  I loved having her with me, and Bria is doing so well.  She is really fitting in.  Now it was time to introduce her to her own home.  I will be checking in on them regularly.  Mom only lives 6 miles from me, and I try and spend most weekends with her.  When your mom is 75 you realize how important time is. I could spend hours on that subject but that will be for another post.

Adam and Cole are both back in school today.  Adam begins his journey in 2nd grade and Cole is still in Preschool.  Cole is autistic and he is in a blended preschool classroom this year.  20 kids with 5 of them being special education students.  This will be a big adjustment for Cole.  This will be Cole's third year in PreSchool.  He will be 5 in October.  He is very very smart and is doing well.  He is still not speaking spontaneously but he reads, and will answer questions.  His speech therapy that we have privately is really helping.

I am looking forward to Zumba tonight even though my muscles are sore.  I swam laps yesterday for the first time in I cannot tell you how long.  I love to swim, but my endurance is well practically non existant.  I know that this will take time.  I will try to increase my laps each time I go.  I could really feel the workout from this as well.  So am I ready for my week?  I must admit I am.  I feel clear minded, and not nearly as tired as I had been 6 weeks ago.  I am so glad to have the "crap" once again out of my diet.  I know that it makes us sluggish and couch potatoes.

I certainly have no desire to go back that direction.  Being active and moving is much more fun I am finding out.  I am looking forward to moving downward.  I cleaned out my closet again this weekend.  I rearranged and removed some things that were to big.  I donate those to my local Band support group but I am interested in becoming part of the sisterhood here.  So I will be trying to participate in this as well.

 So another week down and getting that much closer to Chicago and BOOBS.  I am so excited I cannot even tell you.  Alan and Nichole are excited for me too.  Nichole's birthday is Saturday the 1st and she is ok with me being there instead of with her.  I am the luckiest woman ever, to have such a loving and supportive family unit.

We are all going to have a fantastic time in Chicago there is so much to do there.  I love living so close to the city.  I am nervous a little, but mostly just anxious to meet the women whose blogs inspire me each and every day to keep going and to stay on the straight and narrow.

I look forward to making some long lasting friends.  I know that there are some truly amazing women who will be attending.  What a great chance to meet, talk about our bands and journey's and get some insight in how others succeed with their own struggles.  Well and of course have loads of fun, partying and down right good times.

Have a great week everyone!

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Yoga at the RiverPlax sounds nice. I think I would enjoy yoga outdoors.
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