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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Finals Week

This week is finals week.  Last night was my Pathophysiology final.  I am very happy to report that I got a 100% on the final as well as in this class.  I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams a year ago, that I could do this at my age.  It had been so long since I was in school.  32 years to be exact.

 I originally started school a year ago to obtain my Certified Professional Coder credentials.  I will be done with this leg in February.  I then must sit for my certification test.  I have since decided to go on for my Bachelors in Health Information Management.  So I will be a student for a few more years.  I am ready for this challenge and goal.  I figure at 50 this will keep me young.  

Nichole is graduating.  This week is her last week of school. She has obtained her Bachelors in Business Administration with a minor in accounting.  She was on the Dean's list every quarter in school.  She is graduating Magnum Cum Laud.  I cannot tell you how very proud of her I am.  She has been through so much these past three years.  With the divorce, and Cole's diagnoses with Autism, to be able to do as well as she has done in school, and still be this fabulous mother.  I am proud.

She is also on this weight loss journey with me.  She does not have a band but she is also obese.  She is determined to lost the weight herself.  So we are workout buddies and she is logging her food over on and she is doing great.

It is wonderful when the "fit bug" hits and others want to join you on your journey!  I am thrilled that she is taking this step to get her weight off and stay healthy for her boys.

So school is going well and I have one more final this week, then I am on break for a week and my fall classes begin on the 23rd.  I know this next 12 weeks will be a very tough one for me at school.  I am going to have to allocate allot of my time to homework.  I refuse to let that stop me from getting my butt to the gym however.  I will find a way to balance this crazy life of mine.

After all I am very determined.  The boys go back to school on the 22nd.  I can hardly believe that summer is almost over.  It has really flown by.  I am excited for Chicago next month and to get to meet some of the amazing women I read here.

I know that experience will be so worth it. 


MandaPanda said...

Great job on continuing your education!

I find it so much easier when you have a workout/eating buddy to keep you motivated.

Kristin50 said...

Thank you I am trying...LOL

I know it is helping me having her do this with me. I love sharing it with her.

Elizabeth said...

New follower :) Nice to meet ya!

Kristin50 said...

Hi Elizabeth

Thanks for stopping by. It is nice to meet you as well! Congratulations on your new band :)

Lap Band Gal said...

Can't wait to meet ya in Chicago!! :)

Kristin50 said...

I am excited too! :)

Ronnie said...

Wow, not only am I inspired by you but after reading this - I have a feeling I'm going to be inspired by your daughter as well! Does she blog?

Also, I didn't know you were going to BOOBs until today! How cool! We'll have to grab a drink or three one night. :)

Kristin50 said...

I am excited to meet you Ronnie :)

Nichole is just starting to blog. I am sure it will pick up once she is out of school this week. I will let ya know.

The drinks sound great as well!