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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lets Talk Protein

I am often asked how I can eat so little and not be hungry.  I have friends and even family members who are amazed at how little I consume on a daily basis.  I have to admit that it is so hard for me to eat the amount of calories that I am suppose to be.  Simply because I cannot eat that much in one sitting.  Since my fill on 7-5-11 when I eat solid protein I get maybe four to five bites that is all.

There is one thing that I have come to realize and learn during this nearly four year process for me is this:  " eating enough protein is the essential thing in keeping me fuller longer".   If I try to get by with not eating it, I can barely go two hours before I think that I am hungry.

If on the other hand, I eat eggs for breakfast and a little cheese, I am good til lunch.   I love to eat this because I know it is good for me and will keep me full.  I will admit I always failed on other diets because I was starving myself, and I would be hungry all the time.

When you cut out food groups I believe this is what causes constant hunger.  I think we must evaluate what we eat, and eat as healthy as possible always.  But not make this a crusade either.  When humans feel deprived, that is when we normally  over indulge with both food and beverage.

That is why the band creates a lifestyle not a DIET!  You have to rethink food and why we eat.  

I no longer "LIVE TO EAT" I now know that I "EAT TO LIVE".  This is not an easy concept for someone who used food to comfort me.  I did this in the privacy of myself.  Meaning I closet ate when no one knew.  I had a huge obsession with if someone or something upset me my first thought was "Chocolate".  I thought the feeling I got from eating it was comfort enough.  How wrong I was.  I could not be satisfied with just a morsel of chocolate, I wanted the whole damn bar.

So PROTEIN is the word of the day!  Eat as much as you can possibly eat.  I like to say 65-90 grams a day is good for people with the LapBand.  

I use unflavored protein powder on my food by UNJURY to help me to get that amount in.  I would always talk to people in support group who were starving and wanting a fill and once we looked at what they were eating each day, their Protein was falling way below the above guidelines.

So if you are thinking about a fill, or are hungry all the time take a look at what you are eating.  Go back to the basics.  Journal your food.  There are some great places to do this free online.  Whatever works, look at your amount of protein daily and up it by 30 grams.  I guarantee you will feel an improvement in your hunger.

There are no guarantees in life.  But one thing I do know from experience.  You write it down it makes it real.  So write down your protein, calories and carbs.  It helps keep us honest!


DiZneDiVa said...

Great Post... I am 5'8" so I need to get 76-95 grams of protein a day and I like to stay on the high end of that if possible. When I do and limit my carbs, I am not hungry and feel energized. When I don't and eat more carbs, I feel tired and grumpy. You would think that that would be enough to keep me eating right, wouldn't you?

Kristin50 said...

LOL I wish it were. We are all human. I think knowing what is best for us is the easy part. We all KNOW. It is the doing that takes commitment and the effort, that is where we can fall short. But if we are consistant and do it 90% of the time then that is half of our battle.

Shannon said...

very great post. I have been having hunger issues but I have notcied that when I eat proteins it's only a couple of bites worth before I get full. It's hard getting over the mentality that I have to eat more than what makes me full.

Kristin50 said...

I dont want you to over fill your pouch. But you have to track the protein and be sure you are eating enough grams. Even if you have to fit in a snack of protein to get it all. Just something we need to be very aware of.