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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wicked is next on the agenda!

Ok, in one week Nichole and I will put on our really fancy dresses and head out to the Theater to see a musical.  WICKED is coming!  I am so pumped for this show.  I love the story and I love musicals.  I certainly have a lot going on this month.  But this is the next big outing on my agenda.

I wanted this to be special for Nichole.  She and I went to Phantom together and made it a night on the town.  Just as if we were actually on Broadway.  So next Wednesday night at 7:30pm I will be finally seeing this show, that I have longed to see.

I promise to let you know my review, not that I can promise to not be biased.  


JRD said...

Um, this is the best musical I have ever seen. I saw it on Broadway when Idina Menzel had just won the Tony for Elphaba back in 2004 with my Mom, and it blew my mind. The songs are amazing - it's a very upllifting piece. I had the most amazing theatrical experience ever with this show - I highly, highly recommend it. Have an amazing time with your daughter!

Justawallflower said...

Oh wow, I am so jealous! I have never been to a musical, but would love to some day,and Wicked looks....well.....wicked! Have a blast!

Jessica said...

Always wanted to see this... I missed it when they were in FL :(

MandaPanda said...

I read Wicked and loved it! I wish I were going to see it. Will have to talk my hubby into it next time it's in town.

Beth Ann said...

LOVE Wicked!!