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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Suddenly it's Saturday

1997  180 pounds

Kristin 1979 Hawaii  135 pounds
Wow, I lost two whole days!  I have been sleeping on Tramadol for the past 36 hours.  That stuff made me so sick!  My tooth still hurts, but it seems to be getting better, it is not as bad as it was yesterday.  I have had two root canals in two days and let me tell you, I now have empathy for those who suffer with bad teeth.  

I am finally feeling like sitting up and decided I should blog.  I have not written or committed much since Thursday.

Kristin and Nichole 1999
I thought I would share some photos of me from over the years so you can see me before the weight gain, during and after my surgery and then the regain that I went through.

Mom, Kristin and Nichole 1997  

2005  beginning of largest gain
This is when I really began putting on the weight, Alan was deployed to Iraq from May til October.  This was a horribly stressful time for me.  I began to eat, and eat and eat.

October 2005 Chicago  218 pounds

Cole Birthday  October 2006  265 pounds
November 1 2007 287 pounds 6 days prior to surgery
August 2008  227 pounds

October 2008  220 pounds

December 2008  218 pounds
January 2009 Kristin 212 pounds
October 2009  230 pounds
This is when I began to regain the weight!  

October 1, 2009  225 pounds
Kristin July 2010  265 pounds
Kristin 242 pounds BOOBS 2.0  10-1-11
I had regained back to 282 pounds by June 15, 2011. I do not have any pictures of the highest this time.  I had stopped taking my pictures.  This is when I saw my Surgeon to see about a fill.  He filled me on July 5, 2011.  I have 2cc in my 4cc band now.  I have lost 40 pounds since the fill and 55 pounds since my banding.  I have a long way to go, but I feel confidant now that I can make it!  

It is hard to post these pictures.  I look back when I was 180 pounds and wish I was back there again.  The 100+ pounds that I gained after that time, has many reasons but ultimately I had to figure out why I was addicted to food and admit my addiction.  I have done this, and I now know how to deal with this addiction in a very positive way.

I look forward to a slimmer 2012 and am anxious to see how this journey plays out for me!


Cece said...

I'm right there with you ! We can figure this out and get it done ! :)

Jacquie said...

No matter what the are beautiful! You have more determination than most and I know you will hit your goal!

Ronnie said...

You'll be back to 180 in no time! A journey starts with the first step. :)

Catherine55 said...

Guess what?! If you keep up working the band the way you've been doing, you WILL be 180 again before too long!

Justawallflower said...

You are a beautiful person, inside and out, no matter the weight. And now that you are working your band again, you will also be a healthy person, and hopefully see the beauty the everyone else does! Hope you are pain free in no time.