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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Back to Work......Crazy still continues!

I went back to work today after being off since last Thursday morning, it is awful missing work.  When no one does anything while you are away.  I came back to over 400 emails.  I had loads and loads of stuff sitting in my in basket and well it was exhausting just thinking about it.  I am proud to say I got most of it cleaned up before I left.

This week started out like crap.  I had all intention of being at work on Monday.  My mother was over on Sunday and was not feeling well.  She kept telling me how light headed she was.  She finally vomitted and just plain looked like hell.  She nearly passed out.  She will be 76 on her birthday December 22nd.  I told Alan that we needed to take her to the Emergency room.  Which we did, and they admitted her.  Her blood pressure was frightening low.  Turns out after tons of tests, that she has lost 15 pounds and they had no adjusted her blood pressure meds and so she was way over medicated.  After a night in the hospital I brought her back to my house for a couple of days and took her home last night.  She is doing better.  I have to take her blood pressure four times a day for two weeks, and then they will try to put her back on meds and see what happens.

My birthday is Monday and I am not looking forward to it much.  It will be my 50th.  I am not so much upset about the age cause I do NOT feel it.  I just have so much stress going on these days.  With the anniversary of Adams death on the 16th I am still reeling from that and all my teeth nightmares.

I am having car issues and right now, money is tight, and I am not sure how I am going to get through this.  I know that everything usually works out, but right now I am just worrying myself nuts.

I have a appointment with my surgeon on Tuesday and I have not seen him since August 4th.  I think he will be happy to see me.  I think I have done well so far since my fill on July 5th.  I have brought myself back to nearly where I was before I went nuts and fell off the band wagon.  I was 278 pounds when he saw me on June 28th before my fill.  I am now at 236.  WOO HOO!

When I got back to work today, after nearly two weeks away, it was really nice NSV's from many people, who told me how skinny I am getting.  In fact I had more than a couple of people say to me, "I don't know what is different but you look really good".  I wanted to tell them I had lost 10 pounds since they all saw me, but I didn't :)

So tomorrow is Friday and then I am off til Tuesday.  My 4 ten hour days are now done til March, so I am back to five days a week at work.  I am not sure how I will adjust but am  hopeful I will have a bit more time for school and home.  I was living at work there for awhile.

I cannot believe that I have two weeks and finals are here.  Oh boy!  I got to go study!! 



Darlin1 said...

Man-o man! You are a busy lady. Look at it this way after 50... things are so much easier ;-) I know ;-)


MandaPanda said...

I know it's tough to see, especially when you're dealing with tough emotions anyway, but everything usually does work out OK...especially with the money stuff. Somehow we find what we need or find out we didn't need something to begin with. Hang in there.

Justawallflower said...

Wow, you are very much a busy lady! I am glad your mom is doing better. It can be scarry, the whole blood pressure thing! Good luck with everything, and just take it one thing at a time! you are doing awesome with your weight!

Ronnie said...

Wow, you DO have a ton going on lately, ladybug! I miss you! :)