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Monday, October 3, 2011

Back from BOOBS and Missing Everyone!

I got home last night at 6pm and I have to tell everyone, I had the most amazing time.  If you did not go to BOOBS this year, begin to make your plans to be able to do it next year.  You will not be disappointed.  This was my first year attending and I am so glad I went.  To finally, meet the women who inspire me each and every day to keep going and never ever give up was the most incredible experience for me.

I know some of you will probably wonder what it was like to meet people and spend time with them, when you really do not know them.  Let me tell you the nerves that I felt in the beginning, vanished that first night by the pool, when those of us who arrived first had an informal meet and greet.  These women do not judge, they do not make assumptions, they are down to earth, they are right there with you.  Even those in maintenance and who look stunning, were down to earth and full of charm and grace!  They were quick to answer questions, give tips, and help any way they could with whatever you needed.  Believe you me I bended a few of their ears.

I want to say this about these women I came to know:

  • Thank you to the planners who made this weekend possible.  Stephanie ( she is even more wonderful in person), Drazil ( not at all what I had pictured her to be but what a surprise!  She is funny, sweet and lots of fun there is nussing she would not do for ya, Deb ( so down to earth felt like I knew her all my life), Linda (she is really great! She made me feel welcome immediately), Joey (WOW is she beautiful and funny and just plain terrific),  Jen (Besides being talented, have ya seen her blogs, sheesh she is sweet and beautiful to boot)and Kerri without them none of this would be possible.  These women go above and beyond for each and everyone of us.  They make you feel so welcome right from the get go. They work so freaking hard for each of us.  I was amazed at all they had done to assure a good time was had by all.  The hotel was fantastic, the food was perfect, and the fun well, it was incredible!
  • Thank you to Catherine for coming!!  Finally getting to meet the woman who is directly responsible for me blogging and getting my head back into my band, was totally amazing.  She is everything that I thought she would be and more.  She is beautiful (like we already knew), she is kind and gentle and she oozes commitment and motivation by just being with her. I wish I lived closer to her I would seek her out regularly for a dose of Catherine is like nothing else!
  • To Maria and Grace I love you both, you were wonderful to accept me into your room at nearly the last minute.  Thank you for a great weekend, it worked out so well.  You both are wonderful human beings, and incredible at working your bands as well.  You made me smile so much and made me feel so welcome. Two beautiful women who I am so thankful I have come to know and call friends!!!
  • Karin what can I say, I so wanted to meet this woman as well.  I actually did and I got to spend time with her.  My only regret is that we live so far apart, I love her.  She is wonderful and fun and all rolled into a beautiful package.  I have to say a real "firecracker"!  I can see why she motivates as well as she does.  I love you lady!!
  • Lynda is also just as amazing and she is so beautiful!  She is everything that her blog portrays.  If you are not following her get your butt over there and introduce yourself.  You will not regret it.
  • Jacquie what can I say about her other than, I am so glad I got to spend time with her as well.  She is a woman who is beautiful and I love her accent so sexy!  Wish we were closer as well.
  • Carmen WOW!  Beautiful, fun, great sense of humor and she is rocking her band too.  She looks fabulous and she is so down to earth.  I am so going to miss her!
  • Barbara is amazing she has earned every single pound that she lost.  She looks so wonderful and she made us all laugh, and feel so at ease.  We had amazing nights with her, you party animal darlin.  
  • Tessie Rose I love you!  She is fabulous and beautiful and I have to tell you sweetie, I will never ever forget the story about your BOOBS!!!!  This southern lady has charm, a great sense of humor and just plain fun is her middle name.
  • Jen is amazing as well, and funny!  She has so much energy and thank you goes out to you darlin for putting together the Sisterhood Clothing exchange.  That was a wonderful thing to experience as well.  
  • Angie is everything her blog expresses.  She is confidant and beautiful, and her smile just engulfs you!  Whenever I was in the room with her, that smile just made you want to hug her! She too was nervous about meeting everyone but she made US all feel so welcome and wonderful.  I just loved her.
  • Brandi thank you for giving me a terrific Drag Show experience.  I will never forget your electric boobs!  HaHaHa.  She is fun ladies, if you have not gotten to know her you need to!
  • Justine is my new best friend!  I just love her.  Thanks sweets for bringing me my  "Flake"  Alan and Nichole thank you!  She is the kindest and most lovely of ladies and she looks freaking amazing!  
  • Dawnya I love you girlfriend.  You are better in person I just wanted to hug you all day long.  She gives the best hugs.  You made our evenings fun and a blast!
  • Ronnie you sweet thing, so quiet and reserved in person who would have known.  I think you were in hiding truly.  I was so happy to meet you.  You are truly a beauty and everything I had hoped you would be.
  • Angela another reason I am here, and went to BOOBS!  ladies she is amazing as well, she looks even better in person.  She is so down to earth and fun.  I thought she would be hard to approach perhaps, but no not at all.  She is everything her blog portrays her as.  She is the real deal!
  • Fluffy OMG!  OMG!  All I can say is she is more beautiful than you can even imagine and she has made that commitment to her band, and it is evident when you meet her.  She is also easy to get to know, and wonderful and I love her!
  • Jessica you made my weekend.  Getting to know you was a highlight of the weekend.  You have made the journey and you have done it in style!  She is beautiful and together and fashionable and she wears her band well.  I love you and am so happy I got to talk to you and spend time with you.
  • Krystal was so much fun meeting in person.  She is a terrific person and I am so glad we got to know each other better.  If you have not found her blog yet, please step on over to this Gummie Worms hideout and get to know her, you will not be sorry!
  • Stephanie is marvelous and I so loved getting to know you better.  I am glad we got time for dessert that was so much fun!
  • Darlin1 also made my weekend special.  She is a great lady who is working so hard on her journey and is so committed!  It was wonderful to meet her and get to know her better!
  • Amanda is a real sweetheart!  I loved meeting her as well, she is so much fun I wish we lived closer.  She also knew and understood my nerves in meeting Catherine.  It was great to not be alone in my crazy groupie emotional mentality in that moment. 
  • READ  she is great!  I loved her red hair and her smile is infectious!  She made me laugh during the drag show, she is loads of fun and so fresh and real! A true pleasure in meeting her.

I had a great time and am glad that I went.  I so miss you all already, and I cannot wait til next year!  A vacation with these women is truly worth every dime spent!

On the weight loss front, I did not gain an ounce, I lost 1.6 pounds and this is amazing since I drank more than I have put together in the last year!  LOL.

I am anxious to get back to it and work my "bloomin arse!"


Justawallflower said...

Oh my goodness, what a lovely post! You are truly an amazing person! I mean, even LOSING weight on vacation? I haven't weighed in yet! But I will tomorrow morning! Can you believe I left my glow sticks in the hotel! Dang it, I drank all those drinks for nothing!

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

You are so was sooo great to meet you and so nice of you to make this such a personal makes me tear up reading it. We love you!

Stephanie said...

Thank you for these means so much to us to know that you had a great time. This is why we all get together and just have fun!! Now you have me all misty eyed!!! We'll definitely see you next year!!

Angela said...

You are so sweet! Both with your comments here and on my blog. I am glad we got to have dinner together on Saturday night!

Ronnie said...

Aww, why does everyone keep saying I was too quiet? Ask my roomies if I was reserved - they can tell you what a social butterfly I am!

I think we just didn't get to spend enough time together, which will be remedied next year. :)

Lynda said...

You are just too sweet!--and very special as well. Love ya!

Catherine55 said...

Kristen, it was so great to meet you!! Thank you so much for sharing with me that my post was helpful -- that made me feel so great!! :) :) Glad you had a wonderful time -- I did too!

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

You are so sweet! It was so nice to meet you! I can't wait til next year!