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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Musings

So where has my weekend disappeared to I ask.  I cannot believe tomorrow is the beginning of another week.  I worked for a few hours yesterday morning, then Nichole and I went to "run the rapids", that was great.  Today we start a new dance class called SH'BAM, I will let you know how that goes.

Tomorrow Adam is going snow boarding in Galena with Neal.  It is his birthday present from his Godfather.  He is having a real lesson and everything.  Adam will be 8 on Friday, he is so excited.

So I finally got over 70 grams of protein in yesterday, this has been such a struggle, I cannot eat enough solid protein during the day, so I have to add shakes or bars.  Yesterday I did bars and I achieved over 75 grams of protein....Win,Win!

I love these Bars!!
I know that is my short coming most days, is not eating enough protein, make no mistake, I do try to, I have protein first at every meal, but I have been quite tight as of late so only a few bites of solid protein and I am done, and that is not nearly enough.  I am not too tight, I am able to eat, but getting the required amount of protein each day without supplementing it has always been an issue for me.  

I recall when Alan went with me to the first nutrition class and she told us that it is very hard for people with the band with good restriction to get that protein in without having a shake or a bar.  That is a lot of protein! I am trying really hard, it is my focus this month!

It is suppose to rain tomorrow and be a high of 41, so I think our snow will go away that we got on Thursday!  


Ronnie said...

Restriction is a fickle thing... take even 0.1 cc out and your restriction is crap. I wouldn't mess with your fill level if I were you, if you feel you've got the elusive sweet spot.

I have a bar every morning, so I really have no problem getting my protein in during the day... but I realize I'm the exception, not the rule!

Camille said...

I actually eat metrx protein pancakes. They go down way easier than regular and have as much protein as a bar if you want to change it up a little. Our gym has Sh Bam. All the step and Body Jam people love it. Good luck.