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Monday, January 30, 2012

Baby Showers and Apple Pie

Let me tell you that my weekend was great, but it went by way to darn fast.  Friday after work, I took Cole to his first private swim lesson.  Nichole had a migraine.  That was fun, he did really well.  It was fun, but cold.  When we left the Riverplex,  it had snowed and I have been cold ever since.  LOL.  Must be losing fat I guess.

Saturday was a busy day, I got up and went to work at 5am and worked til 9.  Then I ran to Kohls to pick up some baby shower gifts.  It was my very close friend Danielle's baby shower.  This is her second baby and she is having a little girl.  They already have a boy, the cutest red head you will ever meet, Landon.  I had so much fun, and got some amazing appetizer recipes as well as a fantastic punch recipe.  Here is a picture of her diaper cake that her mom made for her:  The little things on the side of the cake are homemade hair clips they are so cute.

Danielle's Diaper cake

I then headed home and did homework and was exhausted so at 8pm I went to bed.  I woke up at 12:30am and had a headache so I got up and ended up talking with a close friend and I played on Pinetrest until 4am.  That site is addicting ya know.

Sunday Adam was not feeling well at all.  He ended up vomiting and spending the whole day in bed with a fever.  You know when he is not feeling good if he is asking to remain in bed.

Max loves when I change the sheets on my bed.  He thinks it is his time to spread out and take a nap.  See evidence below:

I need a nap 

I love this dog, he is my big baby.  The kindest, most gentle of souls he is.

My baby Max

So after cleaning and grocery shopping, I made my deep dish apple pie for dinner.  Nichole made chicken with corn on the cob, asparagus and mashed potatoes and crescent rolls for dinner.  My good friend Linda and her son Elijah came for dinner.  They are part of our family now.  She is a wonderful single mom raising her son and doing a mighty fine job I might add.  He is a great 14 year old.  He adores the boys and is so good with Cole.

Kristin's Apple Pie
We had a great time at dinner, lots of laughter and smiles.  I only ate a couple bites of chicken and mashed potatoes.  I had about two teaspoons of corn.  I was quite tight yesterday in the band department.  I did get a sliver of pie and it went down just fine, go figure huh!  Good thing I did Just Dance 3 in the morning for an hour.  That sweat work out on their is killer hard.  LOL  I loved it!

I love dancing as a work out, because it is fun, and you really do not feel like you are doing something you dread, like walking on a treadmill, oh that is so boring to me.

I see a lot of mini BOOBS taking place, and I am so happy that these ladies live within close distance to be able to do these.  I admit though, it makes me extremely jealous!  LOL  I cannot wait for BOOBS this year, now that I know how fantastic and wonderful an experience it is, I don't want to miss one.

Hope everyone has a great Monday!


MandaPanda said...

Sounds like a great weekend and that apple pie looks delish!

RockBand Barbie said...

I went to a baby shower this weekend too...and resisted the yummy cake (the real one, not the diaper one). I am also jealous of all those mini Boobs get togethers!