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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Lap Band Rules and How I Use My Tool!

The manufacturers of the Lap Band have "rules" or "tips" posted on their websites.  What I have learned over the past five years, especially the first 18 months when I was leading our Lap Band Support group is that "most of us" do not like rules, because our past history is  they do not work as a way of life for us.  We are all different, and we need to find what works for "me"!  This can be hard, when we see others losing consistently with seemingly little effort, and we struggle daily to make the scale budge, when we swear we are doing all the right things.

My surgeon, my DR., my head coach on this journey reminds me over and over.  That this band he placed inside of me is a tool plain and simple, and that I need to work it.  I shouldn't expect "it" to do anything.  (A screwdriver will not remove a screw unless you turn it) I have to work it to get the results that I want - and for me that is nothing short of reaching my goal of 125 pounds gone forever never to return.  My band helps me with portion control, controls my hunger, and leaves me with a feeling of satiety when I work it.  These are "Rules" and some of my support group asked me for them early on.

10 Things I have learned about how to use my tool:

1.  I stay close to my surgeon and his staff: I have a whole team of people at my disposal and my surgeon is the team captain or manager if you will.  He will help me and lead the others to assist in food journals and nutrition questions and so forth, I also have to stay in close contact with my support group and blogging community.
2.  I do not drink with meals:  Plain and simple it defeats the band.
3.  I make sure I get enough protein every day: For me that is 80 grams or more, I try to shoot for 100.
4.  I eat good quality meals and I do not graze:  I try to eat my meal within 20 minutes and leave the table.
5.  I do not drink my calories: my properly adjusted band helps with portion control but only if I am eating solid food.  (It doesn't restrict ice cream, or high calorie frappuccino or Long Island Ice Tea!).
6.  I have learned to use small plates and utensils and to chew, chew, chew, my food.  
7.  I have learned what foods are difficult: I stay away from those because I have lots of good choices.  I have learned to dine and enjoy food again and savor the flavors of the food without additives that mask foods natural flavor.
8.  I always have a plan or at least a plan B:  each and every day for how I am going to use my tool.  NO EXCUSES.  I am not afraid to carry food with me in a plastic bag or head to the gym at 5am because the rest of my day will be too hectic to fit in working out.
9.  I journal my food for the day:  I have found by doing this it keeps me focused and my head in the game.  When I fell off the wagon, I had stopped doing this because I told myself I did not need to.  Whoa I was so wrong.  It keeps me accountable to myself.
10. I make myself a priority: I take care of my health, I eat right, I exercise and I take my vitamins......and I live life to the fullest!

I am not saying that I use my tool perfectly 100% of the time.     Because I do not!!!!!! It is not about perfection it is about CONSISTENCY!!   What I am saying is that I am conscious of my band all of the time, I know how to use it to get results.  I have listened to my body and become in tune with it.  When I fail to do this I gain weight.  I have found that these rules are GOOD THINGS!  That I need to always remember and follow for me!

What are your RULES for your Band?


Sarah said...

A screwdriver will not remove a screw unless you turn it!

Absolutely love it! :oD

I haven't worked out my rules yet, too much of a baby bandster.

Sandy Lee said...

Great post and good reminders on keeping our tool in good shape . Me, I need to up my protein. But I freak out when I have to use a big plate. And I have the chewing down too!

Darlin1 said...

Thanks for all the reminders!

Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

Great post! I am really good about not drinking with my meals, but I definitely struggle getting my protein up there!

vickyd said...

Great post!! I agree with your doctor that you can't rely on your tool to do the work for you...too many people get into trouble with that sort of thinking!

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

You're doing so well...good job honey.

Ronnie said...

We know you're working your band, Kristin... you walk the walk and talk the talk. The proof's in the puddin! :)

Stephanie said...

There is nothing better than having a good plan of action and you are doing exactly what you need to do for yourself and that is AWESOME. I know that when it comes to drinking with meals, I can't go without entirely, but I do small sips. You're great for being able to stick to that! :)

tz said...

That's a really great analogy! I'm so going to steal, um use it!