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Monday, June 25, 2012

The Party was Wonderful....down another two pounds!

My Rainbow

The party was great!  I took off on Friday and already had Thursday off so that I could prepare for the party on Saturday.

I got up on Thursday and began baking the cookies that I wanted to serve.  They turned out wonderfully.  They were really good.

Cherry Chip, Orange, and Lemon

After the cookies were done, which took me all of Thursday to do, it was time to prepare the Lebanese feast on Friday, that Nichole had wanted so badly.  My best friend Kristie is Lebanese and I have grown up with this cuisine, and so has my family.  Nichole and Alan both love it.  She had requested Kibba, Chickie Rice, green beans, and cabbage rolls.  They all turned out fantastic.  I have been cooking this food for years, but always worry, when I am making it that it will stand up to my best friends mother's memory.  She was an amazing cook, and the tastes I recall from childhood, are so intense that too ruin them would not be good.  

I enjoyed making these graduation caps.  They were really easy and fun.  I got the recipe off of Pinterest I love that site!

Nichole with Sam, they loved goofing off.  

Alan and Nichole swinging Cole, and pitiching him onto the couch, he loves this!

Nichole with James.  He was a hit of the party!  He is Kristie's grandson he will be two in August!

Nichole loves sunflowers, they are here favorite flowers!

The diploma and her business plan, along with her transcript.

Nichole loves orange cake, and the only person who can do it justice is Dorothy from The Cake Shoppe in Bartonville, IL.  She has been doing cakes for Nichole since she was 16.  It was fabulous as always!

Uncle Paul, Aunt Suzanne and Sam brought Adam and Cole presents, they were excited!

Rylan and James were so cute, loved this picture of the two of them!

I made two of these and I also got the recipe from Pinterest!  Loved doing them and everyone thought they were cute.

Nichole with Sam apparently Zumba is paying off!

Adam with Cole and Sam

I love seeing Cole interacting and showing affection, and he loves his cousin!!

Cole kissing Sam!!

So proud of her, and am glad the party went off so well!

I had my doctors appointment Thursday, and my weight and blood pressure check and everything was great!  I also, woke up this morning and lost two pounds, so it was certainly a great weekend!


Camille said...

I love that you can cook Lebanese! How cool is that?

Banded With Favor said...

The rainbow is beautiful!!!! Love that so much!!!! Looks like you had a grat time and woo Hoo on the 2 pounds!!

Beth Ann said...

I absolutely adore the rainbow kabobs!! And yay!!

MandaPanda said...

All of the food looks delicious and so pretty!!!

JRD said...

You rock out. Period. So glad you had a delightful weekend, and congrats to your daughter on her accomplishments - that's a big deal!! Hugs!

20 to go! said...

Wow! You are one talented lady! I am so impressed with the food! And the loss is great too.

Beth said...

Everything looks so delicious, and pretty! I love the pic of the two little cute!

Ronnie said...

I love all your creations! You're so talented.

It's so interesting when people actually USE the recipes they pin on pinterest. I know I haven't done 1/10 of the ones I've pinned. Oops!

Glad the party went off without a hitch. :)