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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

So Proud of my little girl!

I am so proud of my little girl, Nichole Marie.  She is an amazing woman, a fabulous mother, and she is rocking her weight loss!  She has lost 50 pounds and this is without a band.  She also graduated in August 2011 with her Bachelor's degree with honors. 

This weekend I am hosting her graduation party!  Next Saturday the 30th, she will actually walk with her class.  She graduated Magna Cum Laude, and this is not an easy thing to do, especially as a single mother of two young boys!

I think she has faced adversity quite well.  When she moved in with us, with Adam and Cole, after her separation, she was the lowest I have ever seen her since the death of her brother Adam.  She had lost sight of herself, and was a beaten down woman.  Her self confidence was shattered, as well as her self worth.  She had gained an enormous amount of weight during this time of her life.  She was unhappy.

I saw this woman, put all of her energies that she had left into those two boys. She became active in Adam's school.  She took the diagnoses only months later of Cole's autism with both arms wide open.  Yes, there were tears and lots of them, but she never lost the courage deep within her to never give up.  She told us that she wanted to go back to school, and to finish her degree.  We were thrilled to help her do this.  Watching the boys in the evenings while she was in class, or when she needed to study, whatever we could do.

She began that chapter of her new life, and she sailed through it.  She not only completed the degree she did it with high honors to boot!  Yes, I am so very proud of her.

Last year, when I began getting my life turned around and working out and doing all the right things again, she told me she wanted to join my gym with me.  I was very happy.  She and I are so close and this would give me a workout buddy!  Little did she or I know that this decision would transform both of us!

To date she has lost a whopping 50 pounds, and is looking very good, she is determined to move in a positive direction with her weight and never look back!  This past weekend she bought a size 16 dress for graduation and was thrilled.  She used to wear a size 26!!!!  She loves the clean eating, and being more mindful of healthful choices.  It is even rubbing off on Adam, which is a good thing at the age of 8.5!

So hats off to Nichole, who will be celebrated on Saturday by her closest friends and family.  Those who love her and know the sacrifices that she has made for her children.  She is now ready to begin the next chapter, and as her mother, I know she is ready for it!

She will be accompanying me to BOOBS this year and I am so  excited for everyone to meet her!  She is both beautiful inside and out and she is a real inspiration!

My little girl is all grown up.......but she will always be my baby girl!

I loved her first!


Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

What an accomplishment! Congratulations!

Elizabeth said...

That is amazing!!! So proud of her!!!

MandaPanda said...

What amazing accomplishments all around...not only for her but you had a lot to do with it too! Congratulations on her graduation and the healthy transformation!

Steph said...

Way to go...I can't wait to meet her. You are a huge inspiration for her, I'm just positive!!!