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Friday, June 1, 2012

Holy Grail - Part 5 of Emotional Balance - Independence

Independence is a stabilizing force.  Early after my Lap Band was placed I learned that it was more important for me to cultivate an at home routine than it was for me to go to a class. Now make no mistake, I love my ZUMBA classes and swimming and all of the socialization and support I gain from them.  However, I may not always be able to afford my gym membership, or a trainer or my work out buddies may cease their own journey.  Ultimately, this is my journey and I cannot become dependent on anything to prop me up.  So what would I do if I lost access to my current workout environment?   Would I lose my direction and wander off? One thing that is a constant to my core existence is my home.  I will always be living somewhere.  I have to find a way to workout in my core environment and let the rest be icing on the cake.

This was a hard lesson, because another reason I had 70+ pounds of regain, I stopped going to the gym regularly for any number of reasons, when Nichole and the boys moved in.  

First, I had to toss the idea that I would do everything by the book.  That I would be the model bandster.  My life does not fit the "one size fits all" cookie cutter, 9-5 lifestyle.  I would also dare to say that most of yours do not either.  I have found that plans are rather a "serving suggestion", an example to be customized.

Cultivating this independence has freed me from always looking elsewhere for a solution or blaming my circumstances.  There comes a point when enough is enough.  I woke up to the fact that it doesn't matter what my circumstance is, how little support I think I have, I don't have enough time or whatever.  The bottom line after all the reasons are laid out for why I am the way I am is this:  I am 50+ years old and running out of time to change things.

After all is said and done and I am in my elder years, will I look back at this time, as the time I took it back, or will I be sitting in the nursing home with drool running down my cheek wondering where my life went?  Why did I waste it?  Why oh why could I not pull myself up off the sofa, and away from the TV and out of the damn drive thru and simply LIVE?  Now my time is spent and wasted.  That is the time when all of my excuses, reasons and justifications will not mean a damn thing.  It is uncomfortable to face opposition, both from your own addictions and from a health unfriendly environment, but the fact remains that the possibilities of living your best possible life dwindle with each passing day that you allow yourself to cling to another justification or excuse until you wake up one day and your vitality is totally spent.

Then the bitter tears will flow.

This is strictly my opinion and I will probably catch flack for this but I firmly believe the reason that only 20% succeed in long term weight loss and maintenance (statistically speaking) is that, in general, there is a lack of total commitment.  Yes, I know that circumstances happen, it happened to me, and I regained 70+ pounds.

Life happens to all of us, and all of the crap that goes with it, but ultimately when you are totally committed,  circumstances will influence only the short term,  but will not influence the long term because your vision will keep you coming back.  If  you visualize a boxer who keeps getting knocked down, and continues to get back up over and over again, you get the picture.

Unfortunately the culture that we have created is our own worst enemy.  We have been made docile by our push button, instant gratification, fast downloading, drive-thru, pamper me society until we have lost our will to dig in our heels and fight like hell for what we want.  The determined person, if they do not see the result they want, will seek out information and education, and go back to the drawing board until something clues them in that they are headed in the right direction.  I have yet to meet someone who is really passionate about something that does not search out and devour any and all material about that subject.

I know that this is rather pointed but this is part of the reason I have made it this far.  I had to quit making excuses, because besides what seemingly good reason I had, at the end of the day, I was still a great candidate for a heart attack and may die.  If I wanted to change that, then I had to pull out all of the stops and make it happen......this time!

Survival instinct is pretty powerful, so powerful that we will eat anything and do anything to survive even if it crosses our petty preferences.  Tap that instinct, realize that our unhealthy lifestyle is slowly killing us, and we will be unstoppable.  Keep relegating this to the "when it is convenient list" and we will fail every time.  It is a law of nature that will never change.  We humans are a funny bunch.  We spend millions to be able to view the farthest corners of the known universe, but we are unwilling to give up the least comfort because we can't see past the end of our noses.

Always remember this:

Success in the journey is affordable to all, but comes at a price few are willing to pay.

I had to ask myself these ?'s

Are you willing to fight for your independence?

Are you ready to be your own champion?

If you say yes and mean it and are willing to commit to it each day in some small way, then success will be yours.

With independence comes freedom.  Seek out like minded support but rely on no one.  This is YOUR journey.

Make your journey your passion..........

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Lap Band Gal said...

I am following along and am loving each installment of the Holy Grail. I have a funny/wierd feeling that one day I will too be with out a band (i'm still not convinced that they are FOREVER) and I will refer back to your blog as inspiration. HUGS!