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Friday, June 15, 2012

I am a turtle, hear me...wait, do turtles make sounds?

Ok I admit it, on this whole weight loss journey thingy, I am a turtle.  

That is ok, though......turtles are strong and enduring creatures.  I know this, because recently we rescued one from my back yard.  If you recall, Adam found him and as it turned out, we thought we had a box turtle, when in reality it was a red-eared slider..... a water turtle!  (We nearly killed him, because he was not in water).  He has since been truly rescued by the curator of the reptiles at our local zoo who has his own pet turtles and came to our rescue.

Getting back to turtles in general, they are able to carry their houses on their backs, they can take on the weight of the world and move with it.

So I am a bit slow, weight-loss wise.  I had a great start back in 2005 after my Lap Band was placed.  80 pounds in 15 months, not too darn shabby. I have since hit the 80 pounds mark once again.  Since June of last year and my revamped attitude an outlook, I have lost another 80 pounds.  I realize even with my weight regain, that we slow losers are not failures at all, we are successes in training!!  We are learning every day how to better ourselves, what to do, and what not to do and the only way we fail is when we give up completely.

This kind of saying though - the "doom inspired sayings" almost all of us make everyday, are negative absolutes in our lives and we really should resist them.  As I have said before here in this blog, Words are powerful and have weight, both to ourselves and others.  Some words should just come out of our personal vocabulary all together.

"Can't"  I am so tired of people saying they can't do something. (I have a dear friend who has lost 42 pounds over the past year.  She was teetering on 400 pounds when she began her journey.  She would constantly tell me she could not do something, it was like this word was ingrained in her head or something! She has just started doing Zumba with me!)  Really they Won't do it or they shouldn't do it because someone else has told them so.  Just remember my friends, people play basketball with no legs, people with no arms swim.  If you won't or shouldn't do it that is fine. It is your choice.   The problem is once you tell yourself you "can't" do something.  It is like a trigger in your brain goes off and you begin to tell yourself that you should not even try.  You have just walked away from a door of opportunity without even checking to see if it was unlocked.  

"Impossible" Nothings impossible.  Perhaps it is improbable, but you need to believe that you can beat the odds.........especially if you can take matters into your own hands.

"Never" remember the old phrase.....never say never?  It still rings true.  Negative reinforcement is just that.  Pigs may not fly just yet, but when someone figures out how to get a pig to actually sprout wings, you are going to feel pretty silly having said never!  Remember, never is a really, REALLY long time.

For those of us who practice yoga, why do you think they call it practicing?  They never say DO yoga!  If we could all do it then there would be nothing to work towards or enjoy.  Sometimes we have to learn that life's enjoyment comes from being challenged, or learning something new.  I sort of realized this back in 2010 when I went back to school to get my bachelors degree.  There is always great excitement when we accomplish something for the first or (50th) time but if we could always do it, without effort, wouldn't it be likely that we would take it for granted?

Today, as I looked in the mirror for a second I thought, if you had not regained all of that weight, you would be 135 pounds right now today Kristin!  It is easy to be mean to yourself, it is easy to slip into "I should have done this" or I "could have done that".  Frankly, that's not fair.  The past is the past, and you must learn to leave it there.  You may have made some decisions that held you back from reaching your goal.  But what matters is what comes next.

What matters is....

I am still here.

I am still trying.

I am still moving forward.

I can. I will.

And so can you.

Remember, if at first you don't succeed.....

then try again!


Brenda said...

You may be a turtle but their is no doubt that you are going to succeed. You have the right mind set which is a lot of this battle. Slow and steady wins the race.

Beth Ann said...

You got me on the procrastination. I'm horrible at that! But I always appreciate a "never give up" attitude!!

tz said...

slow and steady wins the race....I do like the things you've said here, it's such a positive way to think! you CAN do it.

20 to go! said...

the "c" word is banned in my classroom. I am always telling 8 year olds that "can't" that they need to say "it'll be hard, and I'll need help, and I might make mistakes, but I'll get there"

Beth said...

Your words are always inspiring. I need to get into your mindset. I'm not there, but I'm trying!

MandaPanda said...

I've been coming to terms with mistakes of my past and things I wish I would've done differently. I'm slowly moving on from them. If the 3 Day taught me anything, it's I CAN do anything that I really put my mind too. The hard part is when I flounder and can't seem to put my mind to anything. Great post, as usual!

JRD said...

I am clearly catching up on blogs, but I want to tell you how much your blog inspires me. Seriously. I'm a turtle too!!! It is so important to not limit ourselves with our vocabulary - our brain is really the strongest muscle in our body - we need to use it for good not evil!!! I am so proud of you, and I love reading your posts. Thank you for all your wisdom, and for sharing it with us. Hugs!!