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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's May 1st.....Happy May Day!! 2.3 is history!

May Day Festival

You know if you had asked me 7 months or even 5 months ago if I would be where I am today I would have said No Way!  Would I be without my band..are you kidding..... no way!  I still find it surreal at times after nearly 5 years of living with it, that it is gone.  No longer there to keep me in check.

Adam's Grave Colorado
The fabulous part of all of it, is that nearly two months now since I had to have it removed and you know what.  I am doing a good job of keeping myself in check, that's right I am!  Does that make me unique, I doubt it, does it make me committed?  You damn right it does.  But no more than anyone else.  When faced with no choice, I choose strength.  I called upon the inner strength that I know I have from when I lost Adam so long ago.  I asked myself what would he do or want me to do.  He answered me, with be strong MOM you can do this!  

You see, there are no right or wrong ways to go about this weight loss stuff.  The way that I see it, is you have to deal with what life brings.  No way can anyone predict what the future really holds.  Perhaps some believe the Tarot card readers might, but I have my doubts.  Life has a way of sneaking up and biting us in the ass.

It tasted yummy!!!!!
It is how we roll with it, that matters.  I have learned that I am still tempted by bad choices just like everyone else.  In fact, I ate an entire PayDay yesterday.....and I am not kidding.  The whole damn thing.  Then two hours later I went and worked out with Jose` the king of Zumba instructor.  Funny thing is...this morning I get on the scale and I am down 2.3 pounds.  How freaking cool is that!

I cannot say for certain the last time I had a candy bar, but it has been quite awhile.  It tasted good, and I really did not have much guilt for eating it.  I was proud of that.  I am truly trying to live the life of moderation.  I feel that if I do not deprive myself then I will not be tempted to eat all the crap.  So far, it has worked for me.

Enjoy the ride!!!
Long ago, nearly 20 years to be exact.  I tried the diets that limited what we could eat, and cut out food groups, and said no more sugar ever!!  See where that got me don't you.  I lost weight on those diets, but only to see it return with avengeance.  I like being able to just eat and not have to stress about what if I do this, or what happens if I have some of that will the scale reflect it.  So what if it does, I will just work that much harder in the gym on my body!  Working out counters what we put in our mouths.  If you have not already figured this one out, let me tell you, when you do....WOWZA will you ever feel better and see remarkable changes take place both physically and emotionally.

I am less stressed now that I am back to a regular work out routine, I in fact want more ZUMBA classes at the gym than they offer and I am pushing for them.  LOL  I guess changing my addiction from food to fitness is not all bad! I still swim but I am so in love with dancing for exercise that I can not describe it.  Nichole loves it too, we are actually getting good at the steps!  What an amazing feeling, to go from the couch to dancing for an hour!

Today, I am off to Ottawa, to sing for the dedication ceremony of our new hospital.  St. Elizabeth's.  Yes I sing.... if you already did not know from reading my blogs. I have since I was a little girl. I have won competitions but that is not why I sing.  I love music and  I love to sing and do every chance I get. I have done community theatre, and school plays, and sang in the church choir since I can remember.  I find it relaxing. I sing because it makes me feel good inside!  I work for a Catholic organization and our Sisters appreciate when we have music at these types of things.  So I was asked to sing. We have a choir at OSF, where I work and I have been in it for three years now.  We sing on the radio, and we sing at baseball games and we do all sorts of community Christmas programs as well. We are taking a charter bus up and back with some of the Sisters, so I am sure it will be FUN!  LOL  I will need to be on my best behavior.

I have class tonight when I get back in town, only two more weeks and I am done til fall!  Looking forward to that!

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MandaPanda said...

You're doing so well! And you're right...we do what we must do and I think it DOES Make you unique that you handled this so well. A lot of people in your shoes may have just had a payday free for all and wallow...but not you. You are woman...hear you roar!