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Friday, April 27, 2012

Dr Follow Up

I saw the PA yesterday at my Dr. office for my one month follow up after starting on the Phentermine.

I have lost 7 pounds.  I will take it!  I have lost 14 pounds since losing the band on March 12, 2012.  So I am convinced that I can do this.

She went over my food and exercise logs from SparkPeople and told me that I am doing a good job balancing my food choices and getting in my water and protein.  She thinks my food choices are very good.  She was also impressed with my exercise commitment.  She believes that I will achieve success and that I just need to keep up the great job! I have to go back in a month just for a blood pressure check and weigh in!

Jennifer is totally against weight loss surgery.  She said that she believes with support and training and help in redirecting people's addiction to food, that they can change their lives forever without the need for surgery.  But the important thing in that equation is that they address their addiction to food.  Without doing that, they will simply at some point fail, and regain weight.  I am not against weight loss surgery as I know what it can do for people.  I do believe that we are allowing surgery on people with too low BMI's though.  I think that needs to be addressed.

She told me she as a medical professional is tired of seeing these weight loss clinics and practices sell people, desperate people on choosing surgery, and even then they do not help them address their food addiction. Just having them attend support group meetings in not addressing anything in her opinion.  Simply by having LapBand or Gastric Bypass or even the sleeve procedure does not guarantee you will never regain your weight.  She has many many in her practice she advised who have had the surgery and have regained their weight.  In fact, statistics in her practice long term after 7 years for her patients shows that most gain some weight back.

Another component she talked with me about is the commitment to exercise and making it habit, one that will not accept excuse.  I told her that I had blogged about that very thing.  In fact NO EXCUSES was what I had given up for lent, before surgery sidelined my ability to comply.

I am thrilled with how I am feeling both physically and emotionally.  

I am also happy to report that Nichole also saw the Dr. yesterday for her one month and she lost a whopping 17 pounds!  To say she is on top of the moon, is hardly a way to describe it.  She feels she can finally gain control over this monster that had overtaken her.  She and I love working out together, and have made commitments to one another to continue this forever. She is 295!!!!!!!!

Cole is riding for St. Jude this morning in his Trike A Thon, I am also excited that he collected the most pledges in his school.  Not bad for a little guy with Autism if I do say so myself!

Cole getting ready for the Trike A Thon for St. Jude

Happy Friday everyone!


Theresa aka Tessie Rose said...

You're doing great! Congratulations.

Beth said...

Great job, congrats on your loss!

Dawnya said...

Congratulations to both you and Nicole. Good for her. I love that you have each other.

I find it odd that someone who works in a weight loss clinic is against weight loss surgery. Though surgery may not be for everyone...or even though she may not agree...she is in the wrong for speaking negatively about an option that has helped so many.

No matter what method is used be it surgery, therapy or a vigorous exercise program...we will always have issues with food. It can be controlled, but it won't go away.