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Monday, May 21, 2012

I survived 4 parties......and lost weight!

I had a whirlwind a of weekend.  My best friend Kristie's son is getting married in three weeks.  Friday night was the first bridal shower.  It was the family shower, Saturday would be her friend shower, and then Saturday night was the Bachelorette Party. In between I had to make an appearance at Nichole's best friend Brandi's graduation party.  I have known Kristie since I was 9 and we are closer than two females could ever be.  We share everything, and have NEVER had a fight.  That in itself amazes people.  I love her dearly and there is nothing I would not do for her.  She is my biggest supporter.

I will tell you what I ate:

Friday Night Bridal Shower

Was held at a 100+ year old private home and very close family and friends were there.  The Aunts served grilled hamburgers (no cheese) was offered.  I ate the burger no bun, slice of tomato, slice of onion, a spoonful of homemade baked beans, a spoonful of homemade potato salad, and two helpings of the best salad I have had in ages.  I also had a white cupcake with frosting.  I drank 24 ounces of water.

Saturday Afternoon Bridal Shower

Saturday was the hardest day for me.  I had three parties on this day.  I woke up and Nichole and I walked 3.5 miles with Max before it got hot.  Then it was off to Adam's soccer last game of the season.   Then it was time to head to a local Italian restaurant,  Bastas for the second bridal shower!  I will tell you this place has some of the best food.  I love it, and I do not eat there very often since I was banded.  I tend to shy away from PASTA at every turn. I had a protein bar for breakfast.

 This is what I ate there:

I used an horderves plate and I had three fried ravioli with sauce, a spoonful of artichoke dip, 6 chips, three grape tomatoes, one meatball, two slices of bruschette, a glass of strawberry champagne, and a homemade red velvet cupcake. Two 12 oz glasses of water.

Then it was off to the graduation party.  This was fun as Brandi was graduating nursing school.  She has worked so hard for this day, as she is a wife, mother of two and works.  So it was special to say the least.

Graduation Party

I ate some carrots and celery with a teaspoonful of ranch dressing, a sugar cookie and 16 ounces of water.  It was a wonderful party, and Brandi got a surprise from her husband, tickets to VEGAS!  She was super excited.

Bachelorette Party

Then we were off to the hotel, for the Bachelorette Party.  This was fun, they got a suite at a local hotel, where they had plenty of drinks, beer, wine, jello shots, and water.  There was left overs from the lunch at Basta's and more of the delicious cupcakes.  We also had a Limo for four hours, so we traveled around the city, stopping at bars and a few of Lisa's favorite locations. It was fun!

I ate, two fried ravioli no sauce, and I had another red velvet cupcake I know....but they were soooo good  LOL and I drank 16 ounces of water, a jello shot!

Kouri's Pub

I then met Alan at a local pub, and he had dinner and I ate five of his french fries with ketchup and I drank 32 ounces of water, and ate a cup of popcorn.


Not bad, for two days filled with delicious foods that I love.  Back before my revamp of my eating habits, I would have had thirds and possibly fourths of some of that food I mentioned above.

One of the last original, authentic drive-ins with curbies in the country. 
Eat in your car, or relax and eat on the patio. Serving Peoria for over 50 years. 
I did not have a big day yesterday, and I ate no lunch, and last night we took Mom, Adam and Cole out to a local Drive In, Lou's, for dinner.  I had a double cheeseburger, with mayo, ketchup, onion.  I drank a 12oz Root Beer.  I love this place, have been coming here since I was a small child.  Kristie's family owns it.

I got up this morning and climbed on the scale and I lost 2.3 pounds.  How cool is that!


FitBy40 said...

I would have eaten the cupcakes too. I'd choose sweets over real food or alcohol any day.
Glad you had a good time and didn't see a gain this morning! i'm sure all that water helped.

MandaPanda said...

What a fun weekend and to see a loss after such a fun weekend is just icing on the cake (so to speak)!

Ronnie said...

Jealous. If I had even looked at those cupcakes, I would have had to devour them all. :)

Great job keeping your portions in check, sounds like a fantastic weekend!