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Thursday, February 16, 2012

It has been a week band became fickle!

It has been a week since the sudden tightness started with my band.  The feeling of something stuck in my throat was the first symptom of this episode.  Since then I went to liquids and spoke with my Dr. and researched on my own what this could be.

I finally decided that it had to be reflux even though I was not feeling any burning or acid in my throat at all.  I had ulcers last year diagnosed under scope and then treated and re scoped to make sure they had healed.  I had begun to have some of those same symptoms.  So I began taking Zantac 150 twice a day last week and really watching my food choices.  I eat tomato basil soup every day for lunch.  The acidity of this choice could be really bothering my tummy.

So now it is really bland foods and soothing ones to my esophagus and stomach.  It is working!  The feeling is subsiding and is almost gone this morning.  I have made a point of having a Chai Tea for breakfast, the hot liquid had helped the tightness in the morning.  I think I had a lot of swelling in there and it is finally subsiding.

I plan on being really careful with the acidity of my food over the next few months.  I want to be make sure this clears up completely.  After speaking with my surgeons nurse on Monday night at support group.  She agreed, but also warned me that if it does not go away, I will probably need a scope again.

I am done with school for the next two weeks, and I am thrilled.  Finals went well, and I am glad to be done with those two classes.  My next quarter will be hell on wheels.  I have my ICD-9 Coding class with lots of homework.  I also will be starting my 4 10 hour days weeks at work again beginning in March.  So I will have a day off during the week and I am looking forward to that.


Nichole and Linda and I are leaving for Chicago in the morning and we are going to do some shopping and attend the jewelry show in Rosemont.  I am excited to have some girl time and down time.  I have not been back in Chicago since BOOBS 2.0.  I am so looking forward to it.  We are staying in the burbs, and will take the Metra into downtown tomorrow and then shop at Woodfield on Saturday.

I have not been working out since the band issue began, just been too tired and stressed.  I know that the exercise would help both of these, but honestly I just was so stressed I could not get there.  That changes today.  I am feeling better, so it is time to get back into the pool.  I bought a new swimsuit as my old one had gotten to BIG!!!!  

I have not been blogging as much and I know I have to make sure that I blog.  I am still getting compliments daily at work on how I look, from people I do not even know.  It really makes me feel good.  I still have 49 pounds to lose, so I cannot stop now, I want to get it all off.  It is so easy to just not work as hard when we begin to get closer to the end.  I know that hard work is the key to band success.  I know that exercise is the so called "SECRET"!  I have also listened to my surgeon who tells me often this is not a race!  Slow and steady weight loss is what will be maintained long term.  

I have been reading your blogs, and commenting on some.  I always read the blogs even if I am not commenting.  I have just been so busy as of late.  No excuse however!


Chris said...

Glad to hear the Zantac is working! and WOOT on the bathing suit being too big - that's awesome!

Ronnie said...

Glad your band is acting better lately, nothing scarier than stomach problems after we made this huge decision, right?!

And congrats on doing well on your finals, though I had no doubts about you acing them!

Love you!

MandaPanda said...

I am so happy to hear the tightness is easing up. I've been worried about you. Looks like you've got a fun weekend ahead. Enjoy it!

Stephanie said...

have a safe trip and I hope you are feeling better soon. Being too tight sucks, but I always find warm soup or coffee always helps!