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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

70!!!!!! and my best friend!

I have 70 followers!  I am so surprised and thankful that people actually care what I may have to say about this journey with my band.  I have been through a lot with my band, and she is truly my best friend.  I am constantly reminded how thankful I am to have her.  She has assisted me in losing 144 pounds since being banded 11-9-2007.

She is well on her way to helping me realize my goal!  I have learned that she is my friend and that she speaks to me, and that I must listen to her.

"My Band KNOWS BEST" is my most recent motto!  If I choose to listen to her, she will assist me and help me to not over eat.  If I do not listen to her, I will not drink enough water, and I will eat things that simply slide right through her. She gives me so much information.  She tells me when I have not drank enough, she tells me when I need to not take that next bite.  She tells me when she is having a rough day.  She reminds me that she is right here with me daily.  

All of the things that she does for me are amazing.  I chose to have her as a friend you see.  I actually made the conscience choice to have her.  I owe her so much because of that.  I owe her respect.  I owe her commitment.  I owe her care.  She will pay me back 10 fold if I just follow those rules.

Kristin and Brynn
So, yesterday was the day. 
Brynn arrived weighing  7lbs 8oz, 19.25 inches long.  She is so stinking cute.  (I look like hell but concentrate on her. It has been a really long day for me and my hair it seems. LOL).

So it is back to work today.  Ugghhh I am dreading this day.  Why is it after you take time off it is so hard to get back to work.  Oh well, I have to work so I had better get busy.


MandaPanda said...

What a fun and exciting few days you've had!

RockBand Barbie said...

What a pretty baby!! I hate going back to work after being off too! I was off three days last week for a conference and absolutely dreaded going back this week.

Chris said...

What a cutie pie! (and the baby's adorable too, ha!)

I like your saying "My band knows best!" - I'll keep that in mind :)