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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Golf Ball Anyone?

So I still have the golf ball feeling in my throat this morning.  I called the surgeons office, because it is stressing me out.  They advised they think I have something stuck.  They advised I use two teaspoons of meat tenderizer in some hot water.  

My papaya enzyme is at home darn it, I will go there at lunch to get it.  This is a horrible feeling and it really has me scared.  Everything has been going fantastic with my band.

My question to anyone reading is, have you ever had the GOLF BALL feeling and if so what was it for you?  How or what did you do to make it subside?

I am not eating any food for awhile, til my band goes back to normal.  I will be certain of that.


MandaPanda said...

How scary! I haven't had this happen but take your doc's advice PRONTO and keep us updated!

RockBand Barbie said...

Since I haven't had that happen I have no advice for you...but I hope it gets better really, really soon!

Lap Band Groupie said...

Kristin, just saw this, so I hope it's already better, but maybe I have two ideas...could also be 'globus sensation'. It's from being too tight and is a reflux symptom (feels most like that lump in your throat feeling you get when you're trying not to cry). Hopefully a day of rest is helping you. I also had the esophageal spasms...I think they're also called nutcracker something...usually very painful. Hope it's just a little something that's stuck though! ((hugs)) -LBG