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Saturday, February 25, 2012

GREAT NEWS....Band Seems Fine!

I had my upper GI yesterday morning at 10:45.  Was a long morning let me tell you.  I went into work at 5am as normal with nothing to eat or drink since 10pm.  So I was really dry.

As the morning pushed onward, my band began to hurt like it does when we are dehydrated.  It just gets really tight in there right at the junction.  I have experienced that pain over the years so I know what it is.   I get it sometimes early in the morning as well. 

Alan went with me as he was worried.  I am glad he was there. I had to drink that yucky barium.  The good news is that my band looks fine. The Dr who did my test said  No dilation of the pouch, and only minimal reflux.  She did say that the esophagus is not rhythmically pushing the food like it should be.  It is like it is out of sync for some reason.  She is not sure if this is why I am having my sensation or not.  She said they see this in people of older age, and she made it clear I am not one of them yet.  I laughed.  She said it is possible that I have ulcers again, but that she could not see them, because with bands they do not use the contrast that shows them.  She advised that if the symptoms do not go away, I should probably be scoped again.

So I guess, I need to calm down a bit, and let my band rest.  She said if there was some dilation or an issue, then the un fill the day before could have resolved it and that it why nothing was  showing up on fluro. So Good News.

I have not heard from the surgeons office yet.  I woke up this morning and the feeling is nearly gone.  It is not there at all for the most part, sometimes I feel it way off in the distance if that makes sense.  So, I am going to stick to liquids and soft foods for awhile just to let it kind of get back to normal in there. I still have restriction as I can feel the water as it goes through the band.  It is not as backed up as it was before the un fill.

I was told in a couple of weeks and I come back in for a refill but that we should go slowly with it, like .5cc's at a time.  I may do 1cc the first time and see not sure yet.

I will tell you that I am NOT hungry since being unfilled.  I have noticed that.  I slept most of yesterday as the barium gave me diarrhea and made me sick at my stomach.

I thank everyone who emailed and called.  I love you all, and Jacquie you are a saint.  I was in fear of losing my band and you all let me know that it would be OK, that if I had to lose it that I have other options like the sleeve.  I feel better this morning.  I am at work for a couple of hours to catch up.


RockBand Barbie said...

That is awesome news!!! I checked several times yesterday to see if you had posted...I was worried about you! So happy to hear that all was good!

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Oh gosh - I'm sooo happy you are okay. I emailed a bunch of BOOBs who sometimes can't get to reading blogs and asked them to pray for you! It worked!!

Linda said...

So happy to hear this news!!!

Sandy Lee said...

Glad all is working out. I had esophageal spasms for a couple of months in 2010. I found the unfills helped with problems I was having with my band that first year. And I get really small fills -0.1cc to 0.2cc each time.

With the new word verification it is really hard to read them on my iPad so would you consider turning that feature off. I am getting where I rarely comment if it is on because blogger made it incredibly difficult from the old little words. For example here is the readable version of the verification--Atencha sianfoli--but it was almost impossible to read and my autocorrect changed it the first time.

Hope you feel fine soon.

Sandy Lee said...

Yeah!!! No more verification.

Darlin1 said...

Really happy for you!!!

MandaPanda said...

So relieved to this today!