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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 3 of my unfill and no hunger!!!!!

So it is day three of my total unfill. Can you guess how I am feeling?  I bet you can't.  I have no hunger, not one hunger pang since the unfill.  I cannot explain this, but this is how I felt right after my surgery.  I can tell you that I am not as tight as I have been, and I have not had any issues eating.  You might wonder if I am worried.  The answer is yes, of course.  Will I be able to stick to my measured meals, that all band recipients should adhere to?  Will I not be tempted to have the things that I could not eat when I was so tight, like bread?

The sermon this morning at church by Pastor Joe was about temptation and how we should react to it. I am going to focus on my inner strength that has gotten me this far.  Since I am not hungry, I am going to plan on everything that I put into my mouth.  I am resolved to not just eat it because it might be handy or there.  

I just made my chicken salad for work this week, as I need to stop eating the tomato soup everyday.  I do believe that this is not good for my tummy.  I will try my best to stay away from spicy foods for now.  If this does turn out to be another ulcer then the less spicy the better.  I went yesterday and bought my UNJURY protein powder to get me through. This is by far my favorite protein powder on the market.  It is a high quality medical protein powder used for bariatric surgery patients with huge success.  I know that in a couple of weeks when I get my fill I will be on my liquid diet after, because my surgeon practice is very strict.

After speaking with Angie and Jacquie I feel much more at ease in case something happens that I might lose my band.  I know now that I have other options that I have to look at.  It will not be the end of the world, just a new chapter in my journey.

I feel really good today, and no tummy issues at all today.


Chris said...

Oh, Kristin, it's so good to hear you sounding positive and ready to go again! I think it's a good idea to avoid the tomato soups for now, too, and will be cheering you on while you work with your unfilled band!

MandaPanda said...

Glad you're feeling good. You may just have a bit of swelling which is letting you not be hungry. Sounds like you've got a good plan to not be tempted. :)