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Friday, September 23, 2011

Thank God For Fridays!

I cannot believe Friday has arrived.  It has been a bear of a week at work.  I am growing tired of my 12 hour days.  I will stop working the 4 10's at the end of October, and I will be glad I think.  It has been nice having Tuesday's off through the summer, but in all reality when I have mandatory OT that is required of me, that is hard to get into in just 4 days time.

I should not whine I at least have a very stable job.  School is going well, I have to get all of my homework and Midterms done before I leave for Chicago!  This is going to take some maneuvering on my part.  I emailed my professors and they have agreed to allow me to work ahead so I will be busting my butt these next few days.

The best of Chicago?  You dare ask?  well of course it will be:

Can you tell that I am freaking excited about this trip?

I mean really what is not to be excited about, I get to meet some of the most successful, amazing, talented, funny women I have come across in my nearly 50 years!

We have so much in common, and come from so many diverse backgrounds.  It will certainly be a few days of memories and education.

 I have to pack and I am going to pack light I believe, so I can have room for packages and some stuff for the Sisterhood!

You do not have to worry about me doing this with y'all I hate heights.  So you can all tell me about it!

So my weekend will be spent studying, working out, packing and perhaps finishing "WICKED" since I am going to see it with Nichole on the 12th of October!

I have a busy next month  ahead but I am so looking forward to it all, as well as my downward trek toward "Onderland"!



Shannon said...

you should so come to the sears tower! you don't have to go out on the ledge :)

MandaPanda said...

I read Wicked and loved it! Can't wait until it comes back to town so I can see it in action.

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

See you soon!!!!!

Ronnie said...

I'm with you, no heights for this mama!