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Monday, September 12, 2011

Quiet Weekend With A Sprinkle Of Exercise And A Dash Of Homework!

It was a quiet weekend, Alan had to work so it was just Nichole and the boys.  I had a really busy day at work on Friday.  We had a coworker whose last day it was, so we had a luncheon for her.  I was very good and could hardly eat what I ordered.  It was take in and from an Italian resturaunt.  I usually try to stay away from these places because getting back into eating pasta was another reason that my weight came back on.  Let's face it, it slides right through the band, or at least for me it did.

I had ordered cheese ravioli in Marinara sauce.  It look delicious and I only was able to eat one ravioli.  It was a small order and only had four pieces but they were large, the size of your palm.  I felt very good about this choice and my fill.  I know that I will not partake of pasta often because it is a trigger for me.

 After I ate this I developed horrific gas.  I was so bloated it was awful, I could barely sit at my desk.  I was nearly in tears.  I had planned on swimming when I got home on Friday evening but instead, had to go to bed.  I was miserable.  I tried to eat dinner.  Nichole had made this wonderful chicken with broccoli and the new cooking Philidelphia cream cheese with italian herbsIt smelled and looked delicious.  But I could not eat!  I just went to sleep.  No swimming, no homework--ugggh I hate when my weekends start this way!

Nichole is really doing well and she is down to 313 from 331 since August 1st.  I am so very proud of her.  She is doing this without a band!  She told me that having me around is helping and working out together has been something that we both look forward to.

On Saturday I got up and went and picked up Mom and Bria and she came to stay with the boys while Nichole and I went and swam laps.  I was tired but able to do 45 minutes.  It is getting easier and easier to swim.  I do not just about cough up a lung anymore.  I also do not hang on the side with every lap of the pool.  These are all huge NSV's for me.  Who would have ever thought that I would be swimming laps, let alone for nearly an hour.

This is my favorite time of year.  Autumn, and it is coming I can feel it in the air, time for sweatshirts and roasting marshmallows and making smores with the boys!

Saturday  night, I did some homework.  I did not complete it because I was just too tired.  I did some shopping on Saturday with Mom and Nichole at my favorite place in the world TJMax.  I must admit, I should own stock in this store as much cash as I drop there.  It is my weakness.  I took Adam to Toys R US because he just had to find some "dragons".  He is learning to save his money, so he had money to spend but Gramm's had to help him out some.  He was so happy.

My grandsons, Adam and Cole are the lights of my life.  I love being with them and feel so blessed to have them living with me.  It will be so hard when Nichole moves out, something I secretly hope does not happen anytime soon.  It will be four years in February.

Sunday started out as a lazy day.  Nichole took Adam to church and I stayed home because I had more homework to get done.  I also wanted to watch the 9-11 Memorial.   It was nice, but so sad.  I watched a lot of the coverage yesterday off and on about that day.  I remember vividly where I was.  I presume that most of us do.  Mom spent the night on Saturday and she watched with me.

It is so sad to think of all that we lost that day!  I certainly will never forget.  Alan is in the military full time, and so I am a wife of someone who gets deployed.  This time scared me, I did not know what it would mean for my own family.  Alan would go to IRAQ but not until 2005.

In the afternoon Nichole and I took Adam and went to the Club and swam laps.  I could not believe the energy that I had.  It was so easy to do, I just kept going.  By the time I looked up, 60 minutes had ticked off of the clock!  That is right 60 minutes.  I had not been able to swim for 10 minutes three weeks ago.  WOW what a difference!

I felt great.  When I got home, I was tired.  So I sat down with Cole and we cuddled a little.  Then I had an odd bout of diarrhea show up, well let me tell you it was not all the odd.  I had eaten some Jelly Belly's before I went swimming.  Yeah, I know what the hell was I thinking.  Just that little bit of sugar, and bam IBS was back in full swing.  God I hate sugar and how it effects my body.

I recently read a blog here that has a saying on it.  "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels"!  This is my new mantra.  I may not always get it done every day.  But I am certainly going to do my best to keep sugar out!

Happy Monday everyone!



MandaPanda said...

Busy weekend!

Darlin1 said...

Keep's the best!! ;-)

DiZneDiVa said...

You are an incredible commenter and such a supportive friend. I went to the store and I am planning on cutting out added sugar and trying a month or so of Atkins like my friend Amy did to jumpstart her weight loss. She is an amazing success story and I plan to be as well. Thanx for your support... XOXO *M*

Maria said...

The swimming sounds great!

~Lisa~ said...

New follower here! Debi sent me! I am so anxious to follow your journey..

PS - that pasta looks incredible!

Ronnie said...

Roasted marshmallows sounds amazing. We'll have to find a place to roast some in Chicago! :)

Yes, that was all I could think about after I read it. LOL