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Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Mayhem

So it is Monday.  I realize this, I do, but for crying out loud people I have a birthday party to organize and a dinner to make, packing for Chicago and a Midterm to take before I hop on that little o'le train to Chicago on Thursday.  I am at work and we are swamped today.  I have no patience.  I am much better at balancing my life than I was lets say a year ago.  I am really working on not letting stress get to me.

After the battle this past year with my stomach ulcers, I had five of them diagnosed the end of June! They were confirmed healed the end of August.  I vow to never let "shit" work on me like that again.  LOL  with that being said, I have to get my butt in gear! 

I worked out over the weekend, and feel great about that.  I refuse to let anything get in my way of swimming right now.  In fact I will be swimming in Chicago.  I feel guilty if for any reason I cannot workout each and every day.  I am trying to take one day off a week, and I still feel bad when I do.

 Come Thursday morning I will be boarding my train, and leaving this mayhem behind me.  That part feels nice.

I got Nichole's birthday party plans all done, I just have to pick up her big present that has been on layaway.  Then I have to wrap everything and cook dinner for her on Wednesday.  I have a few people coming by it should be a nice evening with the boys for her.  Adam would be furious if we missed her birthday, as he should be.Cole will enjoy the candles, the other part not so much!

She want's cupcakes for her birthday cake so I will be making these on Wed afternoon.  I have taken the afternoon off!  I have a Dr appointment in the morning to have a skin tag removed, so all in all a real busy couple of days.

On the weight loss front, all is going well.  I am past 50 pounds down now and am well on my way.  I keep reminding myself each day that each pound matters, and to not discount them.  I am so thankful each and every day for the friends I have made here and all of your support.  Without you, this journey would not be as fun!


MandaPanda said...

I'm exhausted just reading about all the things you need to do. Good luck!

Darlin1 said...

Is there a swimming pool to do laps in Chicago???

Robyn's Nest said...

Oh, those cupcakes look GOOD.
Just rememebr to do what you can and do not let the stress take over.

Ronnie said...

Whew! I'll be in the gym Saturday morning, feel free to join me after swimming! :)