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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday and it is my Friday

It is finals week at school, and I am swamped.  I think this post will be bullets.

I have two finals to finish before Sunday night at midnight.  Then my new quarter begins on Tuesday.  I am glad these classes will be behind me, although I have A's in both.

I have two visitations tonight.  Nichole's good friend from grade and high school (whom I work with) lost her brother (age 31) to melanoma on Saturday.  God I hate fucking cancer!, and my neighbor of 17 years who was 81 passed away on Monday night.

I am off tomorrow, we have a wedding tomorrow night. Nichole's close friend from grade and high school is getting married on 11-11-11!  We have waited for this for a few years.  I am looking forward to it.

The boys are with their dad this weekend, and I have plenty to do.  I want to finish my spreadsheet for Christmas gifts.  Yes I know, sounds cumbersome but it isn't really.  I have just found I spend less if I budget each gift and have a game plan.

Nichole and Mom and I are planning a trip to Chicago the weekend after Thanksgiving to do some shopping.  I have to work the Friday after Thanksgiving, and I am not too happy about it.  This will be the first year in many many where I did not get to do the Black Friday crazy.  I will miss that!

Thanksgiving is two weeks from today, I have much to do for this as well.  I am having 14 people at my house for dinner.  I love this meal and preparing it for everyone!  I am also happy to say that my tiny plate and utensils makes for a very band friendly meal.  I have no issues with overeating!

A very close from of mine from work Linda and her son Elijah are like part of my family now.  We have worked together for 5 years and she is like a sister to me.  She is a single mom, and I am so proud of how hard she works to make a good life for her and Elijah.  She has a wonderful 14 year old, he is polite and  a truly great kid.  Her house was broken into yesterday afternoon while they were at work and school.  They took everything of value, his Xbox, Ipod, Kinnect, all his video games and music CD's, Linda's jewelry and ransacked the house it is a mess. The sad thing is she called State Farm her homeowners insurance and they told her they had just upped her deductible to $1,000 on 11-7-11.  She was freaked out, she was like I have no notice of this, they told her it was in the mail.  This is a woman who struggles each week to make ends meet and provide for her and her son.  I get so mad when I think about why people steal from the very poor.  Stealing is wrong no matter who, but really, the poor.  I am going to do my best to make Thanksgiving and Christmas a happy time for the both of them, they always spend the holidays with us.  Her own family for religious reasons do not celebrate any holidays or birthdays.

Well I need to get back to work, it is going to be a long day.


Justawallflower said...

Wow, I am so sorry to hear about your friend and her house! I cannot believe people do this sort of thing, both the thief and the insurance company! Thoughts and prayers are with them!

Beth said...

Insurance companies are theives themselves! I'm so sorry for your friend, but glad she has a great friend like you in her life! As far as black Friday, you can have it. I am a cyber Monday gal myself.

Ronnie said...

Wow, I'm so sorry for your friend and her son. The world really is going to hell right now. :(

Hope your exams go well, I have a toooon of stuff due this weekend as well... so I'm in the same boat!

Love you. :)