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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Back to work and working out!

Yesterday back at work I was swamped.  My new job has me hopping, but I love it.  I no longer dread coming to work, and I do not find myself watching the clock any longer.  I feel very blessed.

I feel guilty because with Thanksgiving and Cole being sick I did not work out.... not once.  I am heading to the gym tonight and I am anxious to get my buns back in gear once again.  I know that my body is craving it because I am beginning to get that tired feeling.  You know the one, the one from sitting on your "ASS"!  The one I had for most of my adult life.

Working out is the best thing that has ever happened to me.  Sometimes it is hard to get yourself to go, but I have never not ONCE regretted it once I am done.  I always feel 100% better for going.

Someone at work, is counting the days til Christmas.  She has this nifty little sign that changes numbers each day.  I am almost done shopping so I am ready whenever it gets here.  I am enjoying my decorations so it can take its time.  I am sure by New Years that I will be ready to have them down and put away and my house back!

I did some shopping at Kohl's on Monday with my Kohl's cash from my Christmas shopping on Saturday.  I had $150 to spend and it was exciting.  I bought a pair of Lauren Conrad leggings in size L...can you freaking believe it a size L. (I had purchased XL a week before and they swam on me and I could pull them up to nearly under my boobs, Nichole said you need a smaller size so a size L). I was so pumped by this. 

I also got a Sweater dress from Elle and one from Daisy Fuentes and I love them both.  Nichole called me a "skinny bitch"!  Lovingly of course. I know that I am far from skinny but I am beginning to feel good about how I am looking again. My most prized purchase was an Apt 9 black sleeveless wrap around dress from the clearance rack for $16.90.  It fit me so perfectly. I mean really, a wrap around dress that was not in the "big girl" section  (do they even make wrap around dresses in those sizes)?  Do you know how long it has been since I did not have to shop in the "big girl" part of the store.  Well, none of anything I got was from there.  I can kiss that part of my shopping from days gone by "ta ta"!  Good rid dens and I am not sorry to see it go.

I feel good about the work I have done since July 5th and that fill.  I know that I can complete this journey now, and that I am not on a time table.  I think that when I lightened up on attacking myself for not making certain weights by certain dates, that things have sort of fell into place for me.

I am making healthy choices 95% of the time, and I am following the band rules and Commandments that I like to call them.  I know that by doing this, I WILL be successful.  I just cannot let the "excuse ass" get back in the door.

I think that is why my body is changing, because my mind is also healthy.  I am happy, and I feel good about myself, exactly the way I am right now.  I am still fat!!!!!!!!!  However, I can honestly say, that I am happy, because I know that being skinny is NOT what is going to bring me happiness.  I love that I have learned this.  Without this knowledge, I would still be beating up myself and my self esteem, which is a huge commitment and confidence crusher in my humble opinion.  It is what lead me to fall off the proverbial wagon!

Liquids are going semi OK, I did eat some turkey chili for supper last night, but I was hungry.  So I do not feel bad about doing it.  I have told myself if you are hungry, then eat.  If not, then don't.  It is working very well.  I am getting lots and lots of water in this time.  

I love my MIO!!  It has made sticking with drinking my water easier than ever.  My favorite is the Berry Pomegranate...YUM!  I will not drink anything that has aspartame in it ever again or eat for that matter.  I proved to myself over the past four years that it causes us to crave carbs.  When I stopped drinking crystal light, I was no longer hungry between meals, when I stopped chewing gum laid en with it, I was no longer hungry between meals.  I have been using MIO for over 5 months and it does not increase my cravings one little bit.  Yeah for me!

I have done posts on the importance of water, and why you have to drink water to be healthy and to lose weight.  I know that WATER is one of the keys to success!

I am looking forward to ZUMBA tonight! 


MandaPanda said...

Glad you're getting back on the exercise wagon! It's so easy to get out of the habit. Also, great shopping NSV's!

Beth Ann said...

I love hearing about your shopping trip. That is what I felt like too! So much fun!

Have fun at Zumba!

Darlin1 said...

I'm likin' all your go!

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Horray for not watching the clock! Loved to read this recap! xoxo

Cece said...

Great post ! I'll def have to check out Lauren Conrad cloths ... thanks so much for pointing me in that direction !

Beth said...

Great NSV! Glad to hear you are doing so well!