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Monday, November 28, 2011

Absent and Shopping........

Forgive me my friends for being absent from Blogland, I have made a commitment to my Band to blog each and every day.  I have not done this very well this month at all.

The old "excuse ass" has come to roost!  Believe me when I tell you that I am banishing him to the other side of the world.  I refuse to let him take over my life again.

With that being said, I hope that each and everyone of you had Blessed Thanksgivings with your loved ones.  My dinner turned out fabulous, in fact it has to be one of my best ever.  Everything tasted wonderful.  Had it not been for Cole being so sick, everything would have been perfect.

We had planned on going to Chicago this weekend shopping.  I am off today and this would have been when we returned home.  Cole being sick changed all of our plans.  The boys have a new baby sister she is two weeks old today and they were suppose to be with their dad on Friday, Sat and Sun.  Adam went but we kept Cole with us.  So our Chicago trip did not happen.  I was disappointed, but glad that Cole has been home.  He is feeling better but still not 100% yet. I so hate when they are sick.

I hope to get some homework done today, and have to take Mom to the Dr, she also is not feeling great.  I certainly do not want her to get sick for the holidays.  This is a follow up to her being in the hospital last month.

I also am planning on going to the gym today.  I need to work off some stress.  

I see the Surgeon on the 7th.  I am going to do liquids for a week because I want to reach my goal I had for this visit and it is moving slower than I want.  I also will purge some of the sugar that I did have over the holidays, even though it was not much, I feel a little guilty.

I have found that every five months or so it is not bad to do a week of liquids to jump start my metabolism a little.  It gets my body back in gear.  I will do protein shakes and broth with Popsicles with sugar of course, and jello.  I did this same diet preop and lost 10 pounds so we shall see.  It starts today.

I got a lot of Christmas shopping done this weekend.  I had to work on Black Friday, and I missed most of it, but I did manage to go out at 10pm on Thanksgiving night with Nichole and Linda.  We found ourselves at Walmart and I will confess to you, that I have never seen anything like this place.  I will never go to Walmart on Black Friday again.  I do not care if they were giving away the store.  LOL.  It was painful and we ended up leaving our cart with the stuff we got and walked out.  I got lucky and went back over my lunch on Friday and was able to get the stuff we had left behind twelve hours earlier.  The store had very few people in it at that time believe it or not.

I am glad I got a jump on the shopping, but the most fun I had this weekend was putting up my Christmas tree and the outside lights and yard decorations.  I love this time of year for the smells, and the lights and music.  I loved seeing Adam's face when he came home from his Dad's and saw the lights in the yard.  He loved them and was so excited!

I am looking forward to the week, and it is starting off well, with being off today!


MandaPanda said...

I did Black Friday several years ago and swore I'd never do it again. And I haven't. I can't wait to decorate but am not looking forward to digging through my garage (it's in terrible shape) to get to all the good stuff.

Cece said...

Definitely keep us updated on the liquids ... sometimes I think about doing this to switch up my metabolism but have not (yet). :)

Beth said...

So sorry your Cole is still sick, but glad he is feeling better!

Ronnie said...

I went to do some black friday shopping, but I went at about 11:00 am, and it was MUCH more manageable, and I got to enjoy the sales until 1:00 pm. It was perfection. :)