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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

7 Tips For Sticking With Your Workouts

I have been a member of my gym since four months before my surgery!  So that is nearly 4 1/2 years.  Now mind you I was religious in the beginning, I worked and worked.  I did water aerobics, I walked on the god for saken treadmill.  I walked on the track, I did yoga, I strength trained.  I became a workout, the middle age woman who because of being obese would never ever think about going to the gym upon waking in the morning before this.

When I fell off the wagon 18 months into my journey, I stopped going, I found every excuse known to man not so go.  Let's face it, excuses are like a_ _ holes well you know, everyone has one.  We all get busy, we all have bad days, we all have children or grandchildren, or full time jobs outside of our homes.  Even so at some point you have to stop, and say I am taking 30 or 45 minutes a day for MYSELF!

I always hated exercise because I did not like how I looked, I always felt someone would be watching me, and saying WOW she is fat!  Well so be it if they do, I am fat and I am trying to get UNFAT for lord sake.  That is why people go to a gym right?  If we all looked like Barbie, most of us would not even bother.  

The first few weeks felt like utter torture, it was so hard to make myself go.  But something truly wonderful began to happen, not only did I begin to see results on my scale and in my clothes, I began to feel better physically and emotionally.

I began to smile more, and feel happier.  It was true, all that stuff you read about why working out is absolutely wonderful for you.  I proved it to myself.

So what are the 7 tips I can give to you for staying the course you ask?

1.  I just go
I have never regretted going to the gym ever.  I have always felt better after going, even if it is after a grueling 60 minutes of Zumba and I thought my lungs were coming out of my body.

2.  I have come a long way baby
When I think over the past four years and where I was before I began to exercise, WHOA I am so much stronger and able to move better, and be up longer, and no longer have to sit on the side lines.  I would not trade this feeling for anything.

3.   I treat myself
I bring a good magazine with me to read, or I buy me a new workout shirt or something that makes me feel good about myself.

4.  I make a new playlist
I love music, I am a singer.  I have been in musicals, choirs, won at state and all of that.  I have to listen to music and when working out that is a given.  I am even asking for a container for Christmas to hold my IPOD in while I swim!  I have to have good music in my head, it makes my workouts fun!

5.  I work and play
Sometimes I plan something fun and exciting after my workout, or I go have a healthy dinner, or I simply get into my PJ's and relax with a cup of tea, I do something after for me!  I keep my eyes on the prize and envision it while I am working out.

6. I am not alone
I think of all the other women around the world and especially my fellow BOOBS who are also putting on their tennis shoes and heading to the gym right there with me.  I remind myself that they too are working out today!

7.   Sometimes it is ok not to workout
Sometimes you just need to take a break.  I know for me once I begin going I want to go every day.  But sometimes it is best to listen to our bodies and our minds.  If it has been a horrible day, take a break if you need to.  For me, going to the gym helps the stress, so I prefer to go.  However, it truly is ok to miss a day.  Sometimes we just have to go easy on ourselves.

Take it from me a women who never imagined herself working out and loving every moment. I am moving and I cannot ever imagine going back to being that OBESE couch potato of days gone by!


Darlin1 said...

Good for you! XO

Beth Ann said...

Love, love, love this post, Kristin!! I know that I still get very self concious at Cr0ssFit and want to skip, but I don't. I just go. :)

Lap Band Gal said...

Great tips! :)

PS: love that pic of a cruise ship workout room. What a view!