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Monday, April 16, 2012

All I can say is...SHBAM ROCKS!!!!

Nichole and I got up on Saturday morning and it was pouring rain, we quickly did not let that change our plans, we headed down to the RiverPlex and our new class Les Mills SHBAM!  I can tell you it was fabulous and I loved it!

It is only 45 minutes, whereas ZUMBA is 60 minutes, but did I ever sweat my ass off!  I truly felt like I had done something when it was all said and done.

I popped on to the scale this morning just because and I am down another pound.  It may be slow, but I will take it coming off anyway that I can get it. Still loving the Phentermine as I truly have no hunger, not even a little bit.  That in itself blows me away.

After my workout on Saturday we headed out to Adam's soccer the rain...eeeeek!!!  It was not too bad it stopped pouring and was only misting a tad.  The kids loved it!  Oh to be 8 again.  LOL  I used to love walking in the rain with Kristie (aka my bestie!!).  They lost but it was a good game, and they all had fun which is the most important part.

The boys were with their dad this weekend so the house was quiet.  I did not do a whole lot on Saturday, I sort of just relaxed.  Something that I am not used to by any means.  It was nice. Neal (Nichole's best friend) was in town from Chicago and we all went to lunch together.  He has just purchased a Condo in downtown Chicago and it is super nice.  I am so excited cause I will have a place to stay whenever I am in town now.  How awesome is that!  He is like a son to me, he has been in our lives for 16 years.  He is the boys Godfather.  He is pretty special.  We are going up Memorial Day weekend and taking the boys to the aquarium and Adam to see "Sue"!  

I have ZUMBA tonight with Jose~, I cannot wait!  So looking forward to it!.  There used to be a day when I would never have said I was looking forward to working out ya know!  I love the new attitude that my healthy life affords me.

Church yesterday with Pastor Joe was awesome!  Great sermon about being a servant and how I need to be living.  I firmly believe that my positivity on my whole band loss has come from God's grace.  He is keeping me steadfast in this journey no matter what.  I have affirmed that no matter what that nasty scale says, that I just "keep on keeping on" and I will prevail!

Hope you all have a blessed week!


Lap Band Gal said...

Have fun with Jose at Zumba! Sneak a pic of you two together to share with us. :)

terbear287 said...

I want to know more about the Phentermine? Isn't that part of fen-phen? I thought you couldn't get it prescribed anymore?