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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

So Proud

I am so proud of Nichole today,  and I just had to share.  She hopped on the scale this morning and is 299!!!!!!! She has lost 40 pounds on her own since August 2011.  I cannot tell you how proud I am of her.

She graduated with her Bachelor's in August and will walk for her diploma in the ceremony on June 24th.  She has grasped the healthy lifestyle like a bull by the horns!  What an inspiration to others she has become!

It is not easy being a single mom of two boys!  She went back to school after her divorce got her degree and is ready to  get into the work force.  Cole has kept her from doing that already, as she does not want him in daycare with the Autism.  Sadly, there are few who really understand Autism and how to deal with an autistic child.  She is frightened of him being abused.  I do not blame her, neither I nor her father want him in daycare either.

Cole being cool !
He will start kindergarten in the fall!  Our goal is to get him potty trained this summer, so he can be in Adam's school.  If that does not happen, then he will be in a special education school.  I am going to work really hard to help him get there over summer.  

He is academically above where he is suppose to be, it is his verbal skills and social where he is lacking.  He does not really play with other kids, and he only speaks if you ask him questions.  He sings, he talks to himself, but he will not just automatically begin speaking to you.

This is Autism Awareness Month, I want everyone to know that I would not change Cole!  I love him the way he is.  This child is incredible on the things that he is able to do with electronics and his IPAD.  He reads, he figures things out totally on his own, he is a perfectionist, and he is loving.  He loves to kiss and hug me!  Yes, he is different, but he is special because of those differences.

My prayer is that people will learn, and educate themselves about Autism, and that these kids are NOT dumb, they are not less because of this, they in fact are probably better at something than anyone else you know.  To be more understanding and accepting of those with Autism will help them to grow.  Kids are cruel, we all know this.  I think ignorance makes kids tease.  When we educate our children about diversity, we grow adults that are also more accepting of others who may be different than us.

I can only hope!

Adam Clash Day!!

Today is clash day at Adam's school........isn't it great!

I am off to ZUMBA with Dawn tonight, not JOSE` but still a great workout!

I am down another pound this morning~  Rock On!


Lap Band Gal said...

Yay 1 lb down!

Yay Zumba!

HUGS! :)

Jacquie said...

Congrats to Nicole and to you!

MandaPanda said...

Congrats to your daughter. I know kids can be cruel but my daughter has had special children in every class she's ever been in and she says that all the kids just know that sometimes it might take them longer to do something but that's ok because everyone's different. I think teachers do a pretty good job explainIng these things to kids these days. :)

Steph said...

Awesome for her...So nice to hear stories like that! :)