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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday Testimonial

So it is Tuesday and one more day closer to Christmas...yea!  I am so ready.  I have horrible patience, I am like a little kid when it comes to this.  I love giving, and it is the highlight of my holiday season.  To see every one's face's when they open their gifts.  I am truly like a little child in this respect.

Today is my office Christmas party and we are going to a location away from the office for a catered lunch.  I am not at all worried about the choices, as I know that my restriction has me at a level that it is impossible to over eat.  Although, I have been PBing a lot lately when I do try to eat solid protein, I know it is simply that I am getting to hungry and not taking my time and eating slower.  Nichole and Alan are both mindful of this for me, and try really hard to remind me.  

My visit with the surgeon was pushed back to January 3rd because I had strep. I am not dreading this appointment at all, even though I did not reach my goal yet set for myself for this appointment.  I wanted to be lower than my lowest before I regained all of the weight. I still have 10 pounds to go.  It is totally lack of exercise as the reason that I am not there yet.  Being sick totally removed that from my life once again.  So I am making the effort to get back in gear.

I had a nice NSV this morning,  I put on one of my OLD favorite blouses, plunging neckline that I have not had on in two years as it was way way too tight on me.  I decided to try it today for my party, and vwala, it fit nicely once again.  It is not tight anywhere.

It is times like these that I am so thankful for my decision to be banded.  Yes I have 65 pounds to go to get to my personal goal for myself and 60 pounds for my surgeons goal.  Still, I am happy and healthier than I have been in many, many years.  I am able to run, swim, and be active without hurting and crying in pain.
I have been enjoying my fellow BOOBS "that was then...this is now" posts of the past few days.  I know that true transformation is possible and that even 50 pounds can be huge for some of us.  It is not in the numbers as much as it is in how you feel about yourself.

I did not get banded for anyone else, I did it for me.  I must be the one who is happy with me.  I get compliments at work everyday from someone who says...."my you are sure getting skinny"!  The truth is I am far from skinny, but I am getting there.  Slow and steady wins this race.