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Monday, December 5, 2011

From Strep Throat and Pink cookies!

I have not felt great since Wednesday, when my throat was bothering me.  Not horrible just slightly sore.  Friday it was a full blown sore throat with fever.  So when I left work on Friday I went home, grabbed Nichole who also had a sore throat with fever and actually looked far worse than I felt, and went to Prompt Care.  Her eye was also bothering her and was swollen, and she wanted me too look at it, but I told her to just have them take a look when we got there.  Alan stopped and be looked at it and used his fingers to see if there was something in it.

Low and behold, I have merely a virus they told me, no Strep.  Thank the lord because I had Strep at this time last year and was very sick.  I lost my voice with laryngitis and was unable to do all the singing that I do this time of year with my work choir.  Nichole was not so lucky.  She had strep and also pink eye!  So we picked up her prescriptions and headed for home.  We both ended up in bed feeling just awful.

Saturday we awoke and Alan had left for work and I was thinking about doing my homework, but could not bring myself to do it, I was still feeling like crap.  Mid morning I get a phone call from Alan, his eye is all swollen and red, I told him to head to Prompt Care and he did.  Sure enough, the doting father has pink eye too!  So he came home, and we all just sort of thought wow, a couple of weeks of sicky icky stuff at our house for sure.  I did not see Mom this weekend, did not want to expose her to any of it.

Was suppose to finish some Christmas Shopping, nope that did not happen.  Oh well, not like I still do not have some time.  I am at work today, but my throat is still hurting like crazy.  If it is not better by morning I will call my doctor.  Nichole is worse today, so she is calling this morning, I am not so sure the Z-Pack they gave her was a good choice for Strep!

I did make the cookies for my cookie exchange at work yesterday, though it was apparent how badly I felt.  I completed the first batch of my great great grandmothers Oatmeal recipe and just knew something was not quite right.  Low and behold I forgot to add the Oatmeal.  LOL  I did fix this and made another batch, but I have to admit they were delicious without the oatmeal, I thought about calling them the Kristin's!

I will say that I did not make the goal I set for myself for my appointment with my surgeon tomorrow.  However, I know that he will be pleased.  I am down 67 pounds since 7-5-11 so he has to be right?

I am concentrating on moving more, but it is so hard when you do not feel well.  I was told to not work out til this virus is gone.  What the hell!!

Virus Virus, go away, I need to get my ass to the gym!


MandaPanda said...

Ugh. What a yucky weekend at your house! I've had a cold for a few days now and am using Mucinex D to function even a little bit. It's just no good when you don't feel well though. I hope you all start feeling better soon.

Beth Ann said...

Oh goodness, I hope everyone mends quickly!

Darlin1 said...

Be well my friend!

Mari said...

67lbs is an INCREDIBLE loss!!! Well done Kristin! And thank you for your advice on my most recent blog post, it was the kick up the bum I needed! x

Jacquie said...

You have lost 12+ lbs a month for the past 5 months...ummmm, yea, he will be very happy!

Beth said...

'Tis the season to get sick! I'm so sorry you and your family are not feeling well. Let your body heal and get back to strength before you push yourself to a workout.

Ronnie said...

Oh no, I hope you get to feeling better soon, sweetie!