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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

A big Happy Birthday goes out to my mom who is 76 young today!  She is still in the hospital and I hope she will get to come home today or tomorrow.  We will have to see.

She was moved out of ICU on Tuesday night and has been doing really well.  She told me this morning that they tried to take off her oxygen last night and she began to wheeze.  So they put it back on.

I really want her home before Christmas if at all possible.  We have our family Christmas on Christmas Eve, always have.  So we still have a couple of days to play with here.

I have last minute things to do, and have no idea when they will get done.  I came back to work yesterday because I did not want to use all of my personal time if at all possible.  I am off tomorrow til next Wednesday.  I am thankful for that.  I need some down time from all of the stress.

I have been so bad, I ate some crap, because I have been so stinking tight.  I actually had some ice cream at the hospital.  What the hell, I mean that is unacceptable. I told myself that I cannot do shit like that no matter how stressed I am.  So today is a new day for that, I will not allow that back into my system, it is my trigger food big time and I know it.

I am looking forward to time off, but hope it will not be spent in the hospital.  

God Bless everyone, and I hope you all have safe travels to where you are headed for the holiday.


MandaPanda said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that your mom comes home soon.

Ronnie said...

Happy birthday to your mama!