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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mom is Still in ICU!

Mom is still in ICU.  She started wheezing again last night, but hopefully today they will move her out of ICU.  I am hopeful that they will and the first step closer to having her back home.

I slept in the ICU waiting room again last night, wow those beds, cots are so uncomfortable.  My back really hurts, but at least it is a place to lie down.  Being able to stay with her was so very important.  She was really scared and upset when the wheezing started again, and she began to sob.  She asked me to please not leave her.  I told her I was not going anywhere.  

Nichole is coming up this morning, she will sit with her while I go home to shower and check on the house.  Alan is coming home from work at 11 to get Cole off of the bus, and be there when Adam also comes home from school.  I think once they move her today, I may let Nichole stay tonight and I will go home to get some sleep.

I cannot tell you, how tight I have been.  I have not been drinking enough water, and I have been trying.  I have tried to eat something but am really tight.  Stress and the band I suppose.  This is the first real serious stress I have had since being banded, and it is true what I have heard that stress makes us tighter.

Looks like there may be a chance for snow for Christmas, I am excited about that.  I just have to get mom home.


MandaPanda said...

Praying for your mom and for you. I hope she's able to come home soon.

vickyd said...

I'm so sorry your mom is still in ICU...I hope she gets better soon.