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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Absent and bruised!

I have been absent, I cannot believe it, I have been here reading, just not writing.  Wow, me, Kristin the woman never without something to say....LOL

I am going to recap the past week bullet style.

So I am into Body Pump big time and I now have two weeks and six classes under my muscles  LOL  It is hard shit, but I am loving it, I feel myself getting stronger every day.

Thursday was my day off, so the plan, take the boys swimming.  It is great exercise and it wears them out, and I get to spend quality time with both of them.  That morning was great, until I stopped at the DMV to renew Alan's car sticker and his Harley  Coming back outside, my unstable self, stepped in a hole in the asphalt in the parking lot that I did not see, wearing flip flops.  Well you can imagine, this 200+ pound woman going down like a bull in a china shop.  I was wearing my swim suit and cover up, so not much.  I had a lot of skin showing to get road rash on,  needless to say my left knee and lower shin, took the brunt of the beating.  I also broke a prong on my engagement ring damnit and my diamond cut my hand pretty darn good.  I was sore and embarrassed.

It swelled like you would not believe, my whole leg did. 

It is healing, but it hurts like hell, and I cannot do my push ups or mountain climbers in Body Pump damnit!

Saturday took Adam to see Ice Age and it was so good.  What a cute story and funny movie.  I love those characters so much!  It was a great day!  Nichole went to Chicago with a friend and we kept the boys.

Sunday I had lunch with a girlfriend who used to work with me.  It was nice seeing her and catching up.  We went to my favorite resturaunt, Los Jimidaores.  Yummy, Yummy in my tummy.  LOL  Then Alan and I took the boys swimming.  It was the first time this summer he has been in the water with the boys.  It was great seeing them interact.  Alan used to teach swimming, he is an awesome swimmer.  Being 6'5" he is tall and thin and glides through the water much like Michael Phelps, and I know he would laugh if he knew I wrote that.

Yesterday was a very busy day for me at work, and I was unable to make it to ZUMBA because when I got home Alan was sick, and so I chose to stay home with the boys so he could go to bed.

I will definitely go to Body Pump tonight, and I am happy to report, that I put on a skirt that I have not worn since 2005 maybe!  It is one of my favorites, and I was pumped when I put it on!

I have had quite a few of those NSV's lately with clothes. I can tell my body is reshaping, even though the scale seems to be just sitting there at the moment.  I am not worried at all, I can feel and see the difference.

I have been reading all of your blogs, and I will do better I promise you.  BOOBS is coming and I am thrilled so thrilled I cannot wait to see you all!


jennxaz said...

yeow! that looks painful! Sounds like good times.

MandaPanda said...

You look fabulous! That scrape looks so painful though...ouch!

Yay for old skirts fitting again and're doing great!

Ronnie said...

Oh my gosh, Kristin! I saw this on FB this morning and I cringe every time. I'm so sorry that happened to ya!

Six Body Pump classes so far in two weeks - that shit IS impressive. :)

Can't wait to see you!

FitBy40 said...

Ouch! That stinks.
I miss body pump! What a great toning work out. Keep it up!

Amy said...

OUCH! Glad you're ok, but dang!
I'm a new follower - I'll be attending Boobs this year.

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