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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lap Band Adjustment Diet

Some people may wonder what happens when you have your band adjusted. What are you able to eat?  For how long must you be careful?   Well for me I have only had two fills in my band since my surgery.  My surgeon however has a very strict diet that he uses, and this is due to the inflammation that occurs after the saline is injected into the band. When I had just 1cc injected on the 5th I felt fine when I left the office but within four hours I felt the tightness and was very very tender.  It felt like I had this lump in my throat.  Of course you do not, that is the band you are feeling.

For those of you who are new to the Band I thought I would let you know what my Diet consisted up after my fill. So here goes:

Clear Liquids    3 days
Full Liquids       4 days
Soft                   1 week

Clear liquid choices include:  Clear broth, jello, Popsicles, clear fruit juice, apple, cranberry, fruit punch, grape and water.
Full liquid choices include: creamed or broth-based soup, strained, Pudding, Yogurt (no added fruit) Hot cereal, All fruit juice, as tolerated, milk, water
Soft food items include: applesauce, canned fruit, soft-cooked vegetables, mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, Tuna, chicken, ham or egg salad made with low fat mayonnaise.

****May feel increase in tightness of band in the morning.  Try warm liquids to lessen discomfort such as heated protein drink, warm milk, or tea.******

Re-commit to weight loss by doing following:
     1.  Eat 3 meals per day
     2.  Limit meals to 2-3 ounces
     3.  Chew well
     4.  Do not drink with meals or 30 minutes before or after meal.
     5.  Eat slowly (20-30 minutes per meal.)
     6.  All foods need to be low fat, low sugar
     7.  Eat only solid, healthy foods high in protein and complex carbohydrate, such as lean meats, beans
          vegetables, and whole grains.  These food textures pass slowly through the banded area and keep
          feeling fuller longer.
     8.  No white bread
     9.  Protein Goal:  60 grams/day
   10.  Fluid Goal:    64 ounces/per day or more
   11.  Journal and measure food and fluid intake.
   12.  Resume daily multivitamin and calcium citrate supplements when on soft diet.
   13.  Attend a Lap Band Support Group every month

So that is my Dr's instructions when he does a fill for his lap band patients.

I have stuck to this religiously since my fill four weeks ago and am down 20 pounds.  I know this seems strict but you must allow the esophagus and stomach pouch to heal from the inflammation of the restriction.  I am glad I did as I have no pain and now tenderness and I am able to eat my small meals just fine right now.


MandaPanda said...

Hi! Noticed you were following my blog so wanted to come over and check it out. I think it's great that you're getting back on the "band"wagon so to speak. That does seem strict. My doc only does liquids for a day after a fill and says to gradually go to to mushies and then regular food as tolerated. Whatever works though! Welcome to Blogland!

Kristin50 said...

Thank you I feel very blessed to have found you all. I have so much inspiration just reading your journey. Thanks for checking out my Blog.