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Sunday, August 26, 2012

School has gets tougher!

Ok, no excuses I have just let life's curve balls get in the way of blogging.  

I have been quite busy this month, work is always a challenge and my 10 hour days still do not afford me enough time to get things done.  I am sadly a perfectionist, and I hate having work left at the end of the day.  Stress, yes and caused by me.

I began school this past week.  I am hopeful to be done with my associates by the end of May and at the latest the end of summer.

I love learning, but it is so hard with all the other responsibilites in my life right now.  I am still working out, and going to Zumba, doing body pump (which I love) and running.  I will tell you, that I have not seen the scale move much in the past month, I am not letting it side track my goal.

I am just even more resolved than ever to keep focused.  I have not been as good this past week getting in my water.  Why is it, that water is always the first thing to get forgotten when busy.  I do really well when tied to my desk at work, but once freed oh wow, do I fail.

Mental note, drink more water.  I wanted to share with you Dr OZ's prescription to restart your metabolism.  I have been doing it for three days, and I pee like a banchee!  

80z of tomato juice (NOT V8)
1.5 tsp of horseradish
dash of hot sauce

I drink this each morning after getting up, and it really is helping, I can tell.

I also drink water with real lemon juice in it.  Did you all know that lemon helps our bodies rid themselves of excess salt?  Yeap, the lemon juice gives the salt a vehicle to jump on and exit the body.  Try it and you will see the effects and how it works for yourself.

I am excited that I was the BOOB of the day on Friday!  That was so cool and everyone made me cry.  To read what others think of me here is heart warming.  I never imagine that I would have that kind of effect when I began blogging, I am certainly glad I have.

I am so excited as is Nichole about BOOBS 3.0.  It is one month away and I cannot wait.  I know it will go by fast, but the time spent with all of you will be priceless!
I love you all and look forward to meeting the newbies!


RockBand Barbie said...

I did know that about drinking real lemon juice :) It also helps prevent kidney stones...unfortunately, noone told me that BEFORE I got two kidney stones.

You sound super busy. So proud of you for pushing through it and not giving up on school (or your health)!

jennxaz said...

Oh wow..I didn't think about the diuretic affect of lemon...great idea to add to water when I have a sodium rich day----so excited for BOOBS and the BOTD rocks!

Beth Ann said...

Life can get in the way sometimes!

Can't wait to see you in Chicago, dearie!!

Ryan.Perry said...

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